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The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

A classic since 1953 with over 20,000 quotes from over 3,000 authors.

Famous Last Words

Apt Observations, Pleas, Curses, Benedictions, Sour Notes, Bons Mots, and Insights from People on the Brink of Departure

Stretch Your Wings

Famous Black Quotations for the Young

American Quotations

An exhaustive collection of profound quotes from the founding fathers, presidents, statesmen, scientists, constitutions, court decisions

The Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations

Last Words of Saints and Sinners

700 Final Quotes from the Famous, the Infamous, and the Inspiring Figures of History

America's God and Country: Encyclopedia of Quotations

Contains over 2,100 profound quotations from founding fathers, presidents, constitutions, court decisions and more

The Law

This 1850 classic is an absolute must read for anyone interested in law, justice, truth, or liberty. A most compelling and revolutionary look at The Law.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

A Collection of Passages, Phrases, and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature (17th Edition)

The Stupidest Things Ever Said by Politicians

Rise up, America -- and laugh out loud at the greatest gaffes that no spin doctor could possibly fix!

The 776 Even Stupider Things Ever Said

Another great collection of stupidity

Quotable Quotes

Wit and Wisdom for All Occasions from America's Most Popular Magazine

The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time

You don't have to be a genius to sound like one. Here's a collection of the most profound and provocative wit and wisdom in the English language in two lines or less.

2,715 One-Line Quotations for Speakers, Writers & Raconteurs

Invaluable sampler of witticisms, epigrams, sayings, bon mots, platitudes and insights chosen for their brevity and pithiness.

Phillips' Book of Great Thoughts Funny Sayings

A stupendous collection of quotes, quips, epigrams, witticisms, and humorous comments for personal enjoyment and ready reference.

Quick Quips and Quotes; 532 Things I Wish I Had Said

Quick Quips and Quotes is the Ultimate Collection of one liners.

Bartlett's Book of Anecdotes

The ultimate anthology of anecdotes, now revised with over 700 new entries.

Quotations for Public Speakers

A Historical, Literary, and Political Anthology

Liberty - The American Revolution

This compelling series traces the events leading up to the war and America's fight for freedom.

Founding Fathers

The story of how these disparate characters fomented rebellion in the colonies, formed the Continental Congress, fought the Revolutionary War, and wrote the Constitution

Libertarianism: A Primer

David Boaz, director of the Cato Institute, has written a simple introduction to Libertarianism inteneded to appeal to disgruntled Democrats and Republicans everywhere.

The Libertarian Reader

Classic and Contemporary Writings from Lao-Tzu to Milton Friedman

Thomas Paine: Collected Writings

All the classics: Common Sense / The Crisis / Rights of Man / The Age of Reason / Pamphlets, Articles, and Letters

- 9 -

9th Circuit Court

- A -

A Bill Concerning Slaves
A Framer
A State Ex Rel. Torryson v. Grey
Edward Abbey
Peter Abelard
Dean Acheson
Bruce Ackerman
Lord Acton
Abigail Adams
Charles Francis Adams
Douglas Adams
Franklin P. Adams
Henry Brooks Adams
James Truslow Adams
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Mike Adams
Phelps Adams
Samuel Adams
Joseph Addison
Ken Adelman
Alfred Adler
Felix Adler
Jonathan H. Adler
Mortimer Adler
Eli Adorno
Publius Terentius Afer
African Proverb
Herbert Sebastien Agar
Spiro Agnew
Arnold Ahlert
Henry David Aiken
Roger Ailes
Alabama, Declaration of Rights Article I Section 35
Astrid Alauda
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Donald Alexander
Mark Alexander
J. Tucker Alford
Mohammed Ali
Dante Alighieri
Saul Alinksy
Saul Alinsky
Corri Alius
Ethan Allen
Florence Ellinwood Allen
Gary Allen
Henry Allen
James Allen
Joseph Allen
Roger Allen
Woody Allen
Hollis Alpert
Eric Alterman
John Peter Altgeld
Lisa Alther
Akhil Reed Amar
American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union
American Federation of Police
American Jewish Committee’s Magazine
American Jurisprudence (Second)
American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition
American Library Association
American Mercury Magazine
Oscar Ameringer
Fisher Ames
Henri-Frédéric Amiel
Henri Frederic Amiel
Amnesty International
Amos v. Mosley
Chi An
Jack Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Laurie Anderson
Maxwell Anderson
Tom Anderson
Walter Truett Anderson
William M. Anderson, Jr.
T. Coleman Andrews
Major L. L. B. Angas
Angolan Proverb
Mordechai Anielewicz
Anonymous Gold Miner
Harry J. Anslinger
Susan B. Anthony
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas
Yassir Arafat
Gaius Petronius Arbiter (False)
Jann Arden
Hannah Arendt
Richard Arens
Pietro Aretino
Aristotle (False)
Arkansas Supreme Court
Richard Armey
Larry P. Arnn
Matthew Arnold
Thurman Arnold
William D. Arnot
Stephen Arons
John Ashcroft
Arthur Ashe
Isaac Asimov
Russell P. Askue
Margot Asquith
Association of California School Administrators
Assyrian Tablet
Nancy Astor
William J. Astore
Oleg Atbashian
Clement Atlee
Margaret Atwood
W. H. Auden
Berthold Auerbach
Saint Augustine
St. Augustine
Augustine of Hippo
Caesar Augustus
Aung San Suu Kyi
Auntie Mame
Marcus Aurelius
Lawrence Auster
Dwight E. Avis
Bill Ayers
Massad Ayoob
David Azerrad

- B -

Richard Bach
Benjamin Franklin Bache
Francis Bacon
Sir Francis Bacon
Roger Bacon
Michael Badnarik
Ben H. Bagdikian
Walter Bagehot
Carl Friedrich Bahrdt
F. Lee Bailey
Gil Bailie
Robert Baird
Russell Baker
Mikhail Bakunin
Mikhail A. Bakunin
James Baldwin
Roger Baldwin
Arthur Balfour
Radley Balko
Hosea Ballou
George Bancroft
Doug Bandow
Joseph Banister
Tallulah Bankhead
Imamu Amiri Baraka
John Barbour
William Barclay
Bertrand Barere de Vieuzac
Sarah Evans Barker
Alderman Rodney Barket
Jerome Barkow
Joel Barlow
Christiaan Barnard
William Barr
George Barrow
Dave Barry
Mayor Marion Barry
John Barrymore
Alan Barth
Bruce Bartlett
Cyrus Augustus Bartol
Bruce Barton
Bernard Baruch
Gerald Barzan
Matsuo Basho
Frederic Bastiat
Frédéric Bastiat
Miner Searle Bates
Dr. Jorge Batlle
O. A. Battista
Charles Baudelaire
Jean Baudrillard
Harry C. Bauer
Dan Baum
Thomas F. Bayard
Judge David Bazelon
Chief Judge David L. Bazelon
David L. Bazelon
William Beach
Elias Root Beadle
Howard Beale
Charles Austin Beard
Pierre-Augustin Beaumarchais
Cesare Beccaria
Günter Bechly
Joan Beck
Samuel Beckett
Henry Becque
Hugo Adam Bedau
Edward Beecher
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
Lyman Beecher
Paul Begala
Clive Bell
Bell v. Hood
Rev. Francis Bellamy
Cardnial Robert Bellarmine
Henry Bellmon
Hilaire Belloc
Saul Bellow
Max Victor Belz
Ernest Benn
W. Lance Bennett
Ezra Taft Benson
Jeremy Bentham
Bernard Berenson
Raoul Berger
David Bergland
Henri-Louis Bergson
Lavrentii Pavlovich Beria
George Berkeley
Sir William Berkeley
Mark Berley
Isaiah Berlin
Georges Bernanos
Edward Bernays
Edward L. Bernays
David K. Berninghausen
Andrew Bernstein
Carl Bernstein
Richard Bernstein
Yogi Berra
Daniel Berrigan
Daniel Joseph Berrigan
John Berry
Catherine Bertini
Sir Walter Besant
Tom Bethel
Mary McLeod Bethune
Bruno Bettelheim
Albert J. Beveridge
Ernest Bevin
Joe Biden
Robert Bidinotto
Ambrose Bierce
Ed Biersmith
Big Brother
John Biggs, Jr.
Steve Biko
James Bilbray
The English Bill Of Rights
Josh Billings
Billings v. Hall
James Billington
Phillip J. Birmingham
H. L. Birum, Sr.
Jim Bishop
Black's Law Dictionary
Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition
Charles L. Black, Jr.
Henry Campbell Black
Justice Hugo L. Black
Harry A. Blackmun
Sir William Blackstone
Lawana Blackwell
Reuben Blades
William Blake
Paul Blanchard
William Blase
Joseph L. Blau
Lady Marguerite Blessington
Dr. Walter Block
Walter Block
Alan Bloom
Sol Bloom
Michael Bloomberg
Leon Blum
Léon Blum
Samuel L. Blumenfeld
George Boas
David Boaz
Alan Bock
William Boetcker
Niels Bohr
Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
Curtis Bok
Judge Curtis Bok
Michael Boldin
Napoleon Bonaparte
Kit Bond
Soviet General Pantelei Bondarenko
Bill Bonner
Book of Common Prayer
Daniel Boorstin
Neal Boortz
David Booth
William E. Borah
Karl Borden
Bernard J. Bordonet
Dr. Jim Boren
Jorge Luis Borges
Judge Robert Bork
Robert Bork
Ludwig Börne
William S. Borroughs
Juan Bosch
Bosnian Proverb
Boston Evening Post
Boston Federal Reserve Bank
James Boswell
Russel Bouchard
Elias Boudinot
Kenneth Boulding
Paul Bourget
Randolph Bourne
George S. Boutwell
James Bovard
Chester Bowles
Linda Bowles
William Lisle Bowles
Charles A. Bowsher
Boyd v. U.S.
William Bradford
Charles Bradlaugh
General Omar Bradley
Keith Bradsher
Anne Bradstreet
Sarah Brady (False)
Berton Braley
Justice Louis D. Brandeis
Nathaniel Branden
Dr. Paul F. Brandwein
Dr. Paul F. Brandwein (False)
Robert Brault
Tom Braun
Bertolt Brecht
Justice William J. Brennan
Reuven Brenner
Kingman Brewster
Mika Brezinski
Harry Bridges
Robert Briffault
John Bright
Ashleigh Brilliant
David Brin
David Brinkley
David Broder
Jacob Bronowski
Yaron Brook
Henry Brooke
Bellamy Brooks
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Heywood Broun
Heywood Hale Broun
Earl Browder
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
James A. C. Brown
Justice Janice Brown
Jerry Brown
Norman O. Brown
Rome G. Brown
Harry Browne
Merry Browne
Sir Thomas Browne
Orville Browning
Robert Browning
B. Bruce-Briggs
Lenny Bruce
Tammy Bruce
Giordano Bruno
James A. Bruton, III
William Jennings Bryan
John "Birdman" Bryant
William Cullen Bryant
James Bryce
Zbigniew Brzezinski
James Buchanan
Patrick J. Buchanan
Art Buchwald
J.D. Buck
Pearl S. Buck
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Warren Buffett
Bulletin of the FBI
Alan Bullock
Christopher Bullock
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Luther Burbank
Justice Warren E. Burger
Frank Gelett Burgess
James Burgh
Edmund Burke
H. Sterling Burnett
George Burns
Robert Burns
William S. Burroughs
Sir Richard Francis Burton
Edwin Arthur Burtt
Barbara Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush (False)
George W. Bush
George W. Bush
Vannevar Bush
Edward Bushell
Bishop Joseph Butler
Nicholas Murray Butler
R. A. Butler
Samuel Butler
Major General Smedley Darlington Butler
Stephen T. Byington
Richard Evelyn Byrd, Sr.
Sen. Robert C. Byrd
Robert Byrne
Lord Byron

- C -

James C. Cacheris
Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar (False)
John Cage
Edmond Cahn
Justice Millard Fillmore Caldwell
John C. Calhoun
Oscar Callaway
Sir Roy Calne
Italo Calvino
Simon Cameron
Dalton Camp
C. Arthur Campbell
Thomas Campbell
William J. Campbell
Albert Camus
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
Georg Cantor
Mortimer Caplin
Father Robert F. Capon
Al Capone
G. R. Capp
Orson Scott Card
Justice Benjamin Cardozo
Rev. Archibald Carey, Jr.
Richard Carlile
Thomas Carlyle
Andrew Carnegie
Dale Carnegie
Timothy P. Carney
Hippolyte Lazare Carnot
David Carr
William Carr
Charles Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Dr. Ben Carson
Hodding Carter
Jimmy Carter
Sir Richard John Cartwright
James Carville (Questionable)
Joyce Cary
Pablo Casals
Douglas Casey
John Casey
William Cash
Jonathan D. Casper
Helena Cassadine
Jorge Castañeda
Fidel Castro
Henry Cate VII
Willa Cather
Catherine of Siena
Cato the Younger
Carrie Chapman Catt
Dennis Cauchon
Domingo Cavallo
Dick Cavett
Neil Cavuto
Les Celb
Aimè Cèsaire
Zechariah Chafee, Jr.
Edmund B. Chaffee
W. H. Chamberlin
Whittaker Chambers
Nicolas-Sebasstien Chamfort
John Chancellor
Otis Chandler
Raymond Chandler
Gabrielle Chanel
William Ellery Channing
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
E. H. Chapin
John Jay Chapman
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Mona Charen
Charles I
Alexander Chase
Mary Ellen Chase
Justice Salmon Chase
Salmon P. Chase
Samuel Chase
Stuart Chase
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney (False)
Nien Cheng
Lord Chesterfield
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Chicago Evening American
Chicago Tribune
Lydia M. Child
Chilon of Sparta
Chinese Proverb
Charles Chiniquy
Stephen Chippendale
Shirley Chisholm
Chisholm v. Georgia
Dr. G. Brock Chisolm
Joseph H. Choate
Rufus Choate
Frank Chodorov
Noam Chomsky
Agatha Christie
John Chubb
Sir Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
John Ciardi
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Marcus Tullius Cicero (Questionable)
Quintus Tullius Cicero
Ralph Cicerone
Robert Cirino
Civil Servants' Year Book
Claire Joly, Marie Latourelle, Maryse Martin, and Karen Selick
Frank Clark
Joseph S. Clark
Dr. Kenneth Clark
General Mark Clark
Ramsey Clark
Tom Clark
Justice Tom C. Clark
Justice Tom C. Clark
Arthur C. Clarke
John Hessin Clarke
J. Reuben Clark, Jr.
Henry Clay
Georges Clemenceau
Grover Cleveland
Harlan Cleveland
William Kingdon Clifford
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton (False)
Bill Clinton (Questionable)
George Clinton
Hillary Clinton
James Clyburn
Frank I. Cobb
William Cobbett
David B. Coblitz
Cockrum v. State
Paulo Coelho
John Louis Coffey
Thomas M. Coffey
John Cogley
Israel Cohen (Questionable)
Mark B. Cohen
Morris R. Cohen
Richard M. Cohen
William S. Cohen
Jean Baptiste Colbert
Frank Moore Colby
William Colby
Hartley Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Matt Coles
Rev. Nicholas Collin
Robin George Collingwood
R. G. Collingwood
Anthony Collins
Colorado Constitution
Colorado Supreme Court
Charles Caleb Colton
William Comer
Henry Steele Commager
Committee on American Citizenship
Communist Party Education Workers Congress
Communist Rules for Revolution (Questionable)
Auguste Comte
James Bryant Conant
Yvonne M. Conde
Pat Condell
William Congreve
Connecticut Constitution
Joseph Conrad
Benjamin Constant
Constitution for the United States
Constitution for the USA
Indiana Constitution
Maine Constitution
Massachusetts Constitution
Michigan Constitution
Montana Constitution
Nevada Constitution
New Hampshire Constitution
Constitution of the Irish Free State
Constitution of the United States
Constitution of UNESCO
Pennsylvania Constitution
U. S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution
Alistair Cooke
Samuel Cooke
Charles Horton Cooley
Marvin Cooley
Thomas Cooley
Calvin Coolidge
Anthony Ashley Cooper
James Fenimore Cooper
Col. Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper
Thomas Cooper
Bill Copeland
Alan Corenk
II Corinthians
Robert Corn-Revere
Pierre Corneille
Bill Cosby
Joseph Costello
John Cotton
Robert J. Cottrol
Andrew J. Coulson
Council on Foreign Relations
Katie Couric
Florida Supreme Court
Oregon Supreme Court
Georges Courteline
Norman Cousins
Steven R. Covey
Richard Cowan
Noel Coward
Noël Coward
Abraham Cowley
William Cowper
Harvey Cox
Patrick Cox
Stephen Cox
Tench Coxe
David Cushman Coyle
Edward H. Crane
Nelson Antrim Crawford
M. Kristine Creagan
Donald R. Cressey
Dr. Michael Crichton
Michael Crichton
Judith Crist
Benedetto Croce
Davy Crockett
Crockett v. Sorenson
Oliver Cromwell
Walter Cronkite
Donna Woolfolk Cross
Steven Crowder
Ellwood P. Cubberley
Mike Culbert
John Culkin
e. e. cummings
Judge Walter Joseph Cummings Jr.
John Philpot Curran
Rex Curry
Benjamin Curtis
Czech Proverb

- D -

M. Robin D'Antan
Mark Da Cunha
Mark Da Vee
Leonardo da Vinci
Edward Dahlberg
Daily Telegraph
Dalai Lama
Mayor Richard Daley
Curtis Dall
Theodore Dalrymple
William Damon
Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
Frank Dane
John C. Danforth
Alma Daniel
Myra Janco Daniels
Danish Proverb
Clarence S. Darrow
Charles Darwin
Steve Dasbach
Ram Dass
James Dale Davidson
James Dale Davidson
William Richardson Davie
Justice David Davis
Elmer Davis
Jefferson Davis
Lisa E. Davis
Manuel Garcia O'Kelly Davis
Richard Dawkins
John De Armond
Honore de Balzac
Honoré de Balzac
Louis-René de Caradeuc de La Chalotais
Miguel de Cervantes
Sébastien-Roch Nicholas de Chamfort
Luc de Clapiers
Voltarine de Cleyre
Charles de Gaulle
Remy De Gourmont
Perry de Havilland
Anthony de Jasay
Bertrand de Jouvenel
Estienne de la Boétie
Étienne de la Boétie
Jean de la Bruyere
Madame Jeanne Marie Phlipon de La Platiere Roland
François Duc de La Rochefoucauld
Alphonse de Lamartine
Emile Louis Victor de Laveleye
Salvador de Madariaga
Joseph de Maistre
Michel De Montaigne
Charles de Montesquieu
Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre
Guido De Ruggiero
Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Charles-Louis De Secondat
Vittorio de Sica
Ithiel De Sola Pool
Alexis de Tocqueville
Alexis de Tocqueville (False)
Alexis de Tocqueville (Questionable)
Miguel de Unamuno
Judge Braswell Dean
Michael Deaver
Edward Debono
Eugene Debs
Graceanne A. Decandido
Declaration of Independence
Daniel Defoe
William DeFoe
Charles DeGaulle
Thomas Dekker
Dr. Jose Delgado
Lisa Delpit
Don Demetrick
Demetrius the Cynic
W. Edwards Deming
Democratic National Platform of 1892
Democratic Party Platform of 1996
Daniel Dennett
Brannon P. Denning
Anthony J. Dennis
Lawrence Dennis
Max DePree
John Derbyshire
Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz (False)
Rene Descartes
Patrick Detches
Sir Patrick Devlin
Sir James Dewar
John Dewey
John Dewey (False)
John F. Di Leo
Comtesse Diane
Dick Cavett
Charles Dickens
John Dickenson
Emily Dickinson
John Dickinson
Bo Diddley
Denis Diderot
John G. Diefenbaker
Alexander Dielius
Whitfield Diffie
Thomas DiLorenzo
Thomas J. DiLorenzo
John D. Dingell, III
Dionysius, the Elder
Everett Dirksen
Herman Dismore
Benjamin Disraeli
Milovan Djilas
John Dobbins
James Frank Dobie
Dr. Bella Dodd
Walter F. Dodd
William E. Dodd
Earl F. Dodge
Brian Doherty
Louis Dolivet
James A. Dorn
Robert Dornan
Norman Dorsen
John Dos Passos
Rabbi Wayne Dosick
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Robert Doty
Norman Douglas
Justice William O. Douglas
Justice William O. Douglas
William O. Douglas
Frederick Douglass
Judge Robert Doumar
Robert Dowlut
Dr. Jack Down
Stephen Downing
Hugh Downs
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Robert P. Doyle
Theodore M. Drange
William Drayton
Peter Drucker
John Dryden
W. E. B. Du Bois
Lt. Lowell Duckett
Dieter Duhm
John Foster Dulles
Alexandre Dumas
Wayne Dunn
Finley Peter Dunne
Charles Dunoyer
John J. Dunphy
F. R. Duplantier
Will Durant
Jimmy Durante
Friedrich Durrenmatt
Will Durst
Eleanora Duse
Theodore William Dwight
Olive Cushing Dwinell
Ronald Dworkin
Sir Edward Dyer

- E -

James O. Eastland
Max Eastman
Clint Eastwood
Abba Eban
Anna Ebeling
Richard M. Ebeling
Marriner Stoddard Eccles
The Economist
Sir Arthur Eddington
Thomas R. Eddlem
Ottmar Edenhofer
Thomas A. Edison
Communist Party Education Workers Congress
Bob Edwards
David Edwards
Barbara Ehrenreich
John Ehrlichman
Hans L. Eicholz
Albert Einstein
Larry Eisenberg
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Joycelyn Elders
George Eliot
T. S. Eliot
Elizabeth I
Edward Ellison
Michael Ellner
Oliver Ellsworth
W. Vaughn Ellsworth
Rahm Emanuel
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thomas I. Emerson
Rahm Emmanuel
Bob Emmers
Quintus Ennius
Brian Eno
Episcopal Church General Convention
Alex Epstein
Richard A. Epstein
Equal Access Act
Desiderius Erasmus
Lou Erickson
Stephanie Ericsson
Erik H. Erikson
Thomas Erskine
Senator Sam Ervin
M. Stanton Evans
Bergan Evans
Harold Evans
Edward Everett
Robert B. Everhart
William Norman Ewer
Sam Ewing
Sen. James Exon
Hans Eysenck

- F -

Frederick W. Faber
Emile Faguet
Émile Faguet
Grant D. Fairley
Richard A. Falk
Frantz Fanon
Cat Farmer
Federal Farmer
Joseph Farrell
David Fathi
William Faulkner
Don Feder
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Bill Federer
Konnilyn G. Feig
Dianne Feinstein
Federico Fellini
Eric Felton
Feminists Against Censorship
Marilyn Ferguson
Victor Ferkiss
Francisco Ferrer
Edwin Feulner
Richard Feynman
Brock Fiant
Johann Gottlieb Fichte
David Dudley Field, II
Marshall Field
Justice Stephen J. Field
Henry Fielding
W. C. Fields
Millard Fillmore
Financial Times
Phillip Finch
Howard Fineman
Charles C. Finn
Ronald Firbank
First Amendment in the Bill of Rights
Martin H. Fischer
Stanley Fish
Geoffrey Fisher
Irving Fisher
John A. Fisher
John Fiske
Owen Fiss
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Shelia Fitzpatrick
Frank J. Fleming
Andrew Fletcher
Bruce E. Fleury
Abraham Flexner
Jim Florio
Padraig Flynn
Larry Flynt
B. C. Forbes
Malcolm S. Forbes
Steve Forbes
Henry Ford
E. M. Forster
Abe Fortas
Sir John Fortescue
Harry Emerson Fosdick
Alan Dean Foster
Sir Michael Foster
Charles James Fox
Jay Fox
Janet Frame
Anatole France
Sebastian Franck
Anne Frank
Jerome D. Frank
Ellen Frankfort
Felix Frankfurter
Justice Felix Frankfurter
Viktor Frankl
Judge David Frankland
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin (False)
Viktor Frankyl
Norm Franz
Frederick the Great
Arthur Freed
Louis Freeh
Maurice Freehill
Kevin Freels
Freeman’s Journal
French Aphorism
French Proverb
Sigmund Freud
Betty Friedan
Kane & Miller Friedenthal
David D. Friedman
Milton Friedman
Carl J. Friedrich
Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
Fred W. Friendly
Marshall Fritz
Erich Fromm
David Frost
Robert Frost
James Anthony Froude
David Frum
J. William Fulbright
Buckminster Fuller
Major General J.F.C. Fuller
Margaret Fuller
Justice Melville Fuller
Justice Melville Weston Fuller
R. Buckminster Fuller
Dr. Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fuller
John Fund
Markus T. Funk

- G -

Rick Gaber
H. Rowan Gaither
Rowan Gaither
Rocco Galati
John Kenneth Galbraith
Don Galer
Galileo Galilei
Albert Gallatin
Indira Gandhi
Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi
Helen H. Gardner
Jason Gardner
John W. Gardner
Richard N. Gardner
James A. Garfield
Stanley Garn
Laurie Garrett
William Lloyd Garrison
Michael Gartner
Glenn Garvin
Robbie Gass
Daryl Gates
John Taylor Gatto
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Ruth Gavison
William Jay Gaynor
Gazette of the United States
The Pennsylvania Gazette
Ilbert Geis
Jean Genet
Geoffrey Brennan and James M. Buchanan
King George III
Daniel George
David Lloyd George
Henry George
W. L. George
Georgia Code
Georgia Supreme Court
Georgia, Declaration of Rights
Richard Gephardt
Kenneth Gerbino
Anne Louise Germaine de Stael
German Proverb
Katherine Fullerton Gerould
Elbridge Gerry
Jon Gettman
J. Paul Getty
Georgie Anne Geyer
Onkar Ghate
A. Bartlett Giamatti
Edward Gibbon
James Cardinal Gibbons
Khalil Gibran
Andre Gide
John C. Gifford
Ray Gifford
George Gilder
Gerald Gilder
Henry Giles
William Branch Giles
Langdon Gilkey
Brendan Gill
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
John Gilmore
Samuel P. Ginder
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Nikki Giovanni
Josiah William Gitt
Rudolph W. Giuliani
William E. Gladstone
Ellen Glasgow
Arnold H. Glasow
Senator Carter Glass
William Glasser
Sen. John Glenn
Arthur Godfrey
Jo Godwin
Mike Godwin
William Godwin
Joseph Paul Goebbels
Hermann Goering
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Kenneth Goff
Justice Arthur Goldberg
Jonah Goldberg
Emma Goldman
Richard Goldstein
Robert Justin Goldstein
Bobcat Goldthwait
Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater (Questionable)
Samuel Gompers
Justice William C. Goodle
Paul Goodman
Walter Goodman
John Goodwin
Mikhail Gorbachev
Nadine Gordimer
Rosalie M. Gordon
Government of Morocco
J. Orlin Grabbe
Stephen Grabill
Grace Commission
Baltasar Gracian
Benjamin Graham
Billy Graham
Katharine Graham
Sen. Phil Gramm
Antonio Gramsci
Paul Grant
R.W. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
Rich Granville
Wavy Gravy
Ann Gray
Colin Gray
Horace Greeley
Judge Joyce Hens Green
Paul Greenberg
Judge Ron Greenburg
Graham Greene
Alan Greenspan
Colin Greenwood
Germaine Greer
Richard Grenier
Wayne Gretzky
Sir Fulke Greville
A. K. Griffin
G. Edward Griffin
Angelica Grimke
A. Whitney Griswold
Erwin N. Griswold
Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz (Ret)
Emmett Grogan
Francis Grose
Martin Gross
Jennifer A. Grossman
Texas Guinan
Jean Guitton
Francois Pierre Guizot

- H -

Richard Haass
Frank Hague
Alexander Haig
Ann Lyon Haight
Lord Hailsham
Charles Haines
Edison Haines
Bernhard Haisch
Stephen P. Halbrook
Steven P. Halbrook
H. R. Haldeman
Edward Everett Hale
Nathan Hale
Edwin Arthur Hall
Gus Hall
Manley P. Hall
Manly P. Hall
Robert Hall
Louis J. Halle
Alexander Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Neil Hamilton
Suheir Hammad
Dag Hammarskjold
Sara Hammond
John Hancock
Judge Learned Hand
Handgun Control, Inc.
Charles Handy
George Hansen
George V. Hansen
Jon D. Hanson and Kyle D. Logue
Victor Davis Hanson
Larry Hardiman
John Hardwick
Dorcas Hardy
Thomas Hardy
Sir John Harington
John Marshall Harlan II
John Marshall Harlan
John Marshall Harlan II
Lucille S. Harper
Harpers magazine
Sir John Harrington
Art Harris
David Harris
Jean Harris
Sydney J. Harris
William T. Harris
Benjamin Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison
William Henry Harrison
B. H. Liddell Hart
Thom Hartmann
Harvard University Press
Paul Harvey
Richard Harwood
Caryl Parker Haskins
Amira Hass
William Havard
Vaclav Havel
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Ralph M. Hawtrey
John Hay
Robert Earl Hayden
Friedrich August von Hayek
Paul Hayes
Justice Frank Cruise Haymond
Robert Y. Hayne
Samuel P. Hays
John Hayward
Steven F. Hayward
Henry Hazlitt
William Hazlitt
Hearst newspapers nationwide
William Randolph Hearst
Justice Heath
Chris Hedges
Simon Heffer
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Helen Hegener
Heinrich Heine
Robert A. Heinlein
Lillian Hellman
Jesse Helms
Claude-Adrien Helvetius
Ernest Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway
Robert Hemphill
Hazel Henderson
Tony Hendra
Ammon Hennacy
Dennis Hennigan
Matthew Henry
O. Henry
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry (False)
Nat Hentoff
Auberon Herbert
Frank Herbert
George Herbert
Albert S. Herlong, Jr.
Edward Herman
L. M. Heroux
George D. Herron
Alexander Ivanovich Herzen
Karl Hess
Herman Hesse
Charlton Heston
Granville Hicks
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Robert Higgs
Cullen Hightower
Anthony J. Hilder
Benjamin H. Hill
W. G. Hill
George Stillman Hillard
Gordon B. Hinckley
Hindu Saying
Christopher Hitchens
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler (False)
Adolf Hitler (Questionable)
Peter Hoagland
Gen. Joseph P. Hoar
William P. Hoar
Thomas Hobbes
Justice Gregory Hobbs Jr.
John A. Hobson
William Earnest Hocking
A. A. Hodge
Thomas Hodgskin
Ralph Hodgson
Friedrich Hoelderlin
Sergei Hoff
Jimmy Hoffa
Eric Hoffer
Abbie Hoffman
Dr. Albert Hoffman
Heinrich Hoffmann
Richard Hofstadter
Harry H. Hoiles
Thomas Holcroft
Fred Holden
William Holder
John Holdren
Billie Holiday
Josiah Gilbert Holland
Paul Hollander
Laura Hollis
Frank E. Holman
John Haynes Holmes
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
John Holt
George Jacob Holyoake
George C. Homans
Sidney Hook
Herbert Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover
Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Hans Hermann Hoppe
Jacob G. Hornberger
Jack Horner
Karen Horney
David Horowitz
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Kenkó Hoshi
John Hospers
House Concurrent Resolution 64
Margaret House
A. E. Housman
Houston Chronicle
John Howard
Philip K. Howard
Edgar Watson Howe
Frederick C. Howe
Elbert Hubbard
Frank McKinney Hubbard
Kin Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard
Mike Huckabee
George Huddleston
Jack Hugh
Justice Charles Evans Hughes
Charles Evans Hughes
Justice Charles Evans Hughes
James P. Hughes
Robert Hughes
Victor Hugo
Don Hull
Jorg Guido Hulsmann
Humanist Curriculum
Humanist Manifesto (Article 12)
Humanist Manifesto, Article 12
David Hume
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Hubert H. Humphrey
Jan Hunt
Lawrence Hunter
Samuel Huntington
Suzanna Gratia Hupp
Anjelica Huston
Robert M. Hutchins
Aldous Huxley
Julian Huxley
Thomas Henry Huxley
Bill Hybels
Henry J. Hyde
John F. Hylan
Stephen Hymer
Hypatia of Alexandria

- I -

I Ching
Michael Iapoce
Henrik Ibsen
Eric Idle
Tokugawa Ieyasu
George Iles
Ivan Illich
Illinois Supreme Court
Indian Proverb
Indian Saying
Indiana Code
Dean Inge
William Ralph Inge
Robert G. Ingersoll
Daniel K. Inouye
Internal Revenue Service Manual
Eugene Ionesco
Islamic Proverb
Molly Ivins

- J -

Andrew Jackson
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Joseph Henry Jackson
Justice Robert H. Jackson
Thomas J. Jackson
Jeff Jacoby
Russell Jacoby
Susan Jacoby
Cyril James
Dresden James
Helmuth James
William James
Dr. Morris Janowitz
Japanese Proverb
John Jay
Julian Jaynes
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson (False)
Thomas Jefferson (Questionable)
Senator William Jenner
William Jenner
Jerome K. Jerome
Jesus of Nazareth
Jewish Proverb
Zaid Jilani
Andrew Johnson
Ben Johnson
Gerald W. Johnson
Hiram Johnson
Hiram W. Johnson
James Weldon Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
Marvin Johnson
Paul Bede Johnson
Dr. Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Zachariah Johnson
George Jonas
Ernest Jones
Howard Mumford Jones
John Paul Jones
David Starr Jordan
Major George Racey Jordan
Chief Joseph
Joseph Joubert
Walter H. Judd
Eric Julber
Carl Jung
Carl Gustav Jung

- K -

Prof. Sanford H. Kadish
Franz Kafka
Alice Kahn
David Kahn
Otto Hermann Kahn
H. M. Kallen
Harry Kalven, Jr.
Immanuel Kant
Mickey Kantor
Abraham Kaplan
John Kaplan
Peter Alan Kasler
Don B. Kates, Jr.
Jon Katz
Irving Kaufman
Barbara Kay
Raymond J. Keating
John Keats
Elie Kedourie
Garrison Keillor
Sir Arthur Keith
Helen Keller
David Kelley
Kathy Kelly
Walt Kelly
Jack Kemp
Thomas Kempis
Sally Kempton
L. Lionel Kendrick
George F. Kennan
Justice Anthony Kennedy
Donald Kennedy
Florynce Kennedy
James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy (Questionable)
Mark Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy
Kentucky Declaration of Rights - Art. I, Sec. 2
Kentucky Revised Statutes
Kentucky Supreme Court
Captain Henry Kerby
Peter Kershaw
Ken Kesey
Raymond G. Kessler
Charles F. Kettering
Alan Keyes
John Maynard Keynes
Genghis Khan
Hazrat Inayat Khan
Omar Khayyam
Nikita Khrushchev
Nikita Khrushchev (Questionable)
Nikita S. Khrushchev
Nikita Khrushschev
Matt Kibbe
Soren Kierkegaard
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Kevin Killion
Jamaica Kincaid
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Charles Kingsley
Kingsley v. Merril
Barbara Kingsolver
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Michael Kinsley
Rudyard Kipling
Paul Kirk
Russell Kirk
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
Henry Kissinger
Shawn E. Klein
Arnold Kling
Judge Whitman Knapp
Frank H. Knight
Erwin Knoll
Neal Knox
Jeanne Knutson
Charles Koch
Dr. Kurt E. Koch
Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, PhD
Arthur Koestler
Alice Koller
Kathe Kollwitz
Milton Konvitz
David B. Kopel
Ted Koppel
Michael Korda
William Kornhauser
Robert E. Korroch
Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Korroch
Alan Charles Kors
Dr. David Korten
David C. Korten
Alfred Korzyybski
Louis Kossuth
Police Chief James J. Kouri
Ernie Kovacs
Judge Alex Kozinski
Jonathan Kozol
Michael I. Kraus
Charles Krauthammer
Ed Krebs
Nicholas Kristof
Kris Kristofferson
Irving Kristol
Louis Kronenberger
Peter Kropotkin
Prince Peter Kropotkin
Paul Krugman
Joseph Wood Krutch
Raymond Ku
Robert J. Kukla
William M. Kunstler
Paul Kurtz
Rabbi Harold Kushner
Jim Kuypers
Karen Kwiatkowski

- L -

Sir Roger L'Estrange
Diogenes Laërtius
Hugh LaFollette
Robert M. Lafollette, Sr.
Jules Laforgue
Christine Lagarde
R. D. Laing
Jacob Laksin
Dalai Lama
Charles Lamb
Richard Lamm
Louis Lamour
Jeff Landauer
Ann Landers
Walter Savage Landor
Rose Wilder Lane
General Laney
William Langer
Edward Langley
Jaron Lanier
John Lansing, Jr.
Wayne LaPierre
Frances Moore Lappé
Lucy Larcom
James Larkin
Admiral Gene LaRocque
Benedict D. LaRosa
Doug Larson
Harold J. Laski
Harold D. Lasswell
Late 16th Century Proverb
Latin Proverb
Owen Lattimore
Andrew B. Law
D. H. Lawrence
Jerome Lawrence
Robin Lawrence
Paul Laxalt
Paul F. Lazarsfeld
Emma Lazarus
Gustave Le Bon
John le Carré
Stanislaw Jerszy Lec
Arthur Lee
Bruce Lee
Harper Lee
Richard Henry Lee
Robert E. Lee
Robert W. Lee
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
John Lehman
Jim Lehrer
Arthur Lelyveld
Pierre Lemieux
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (False)
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Questionable)
Jay Leno
William Lenoir
John C. Lenzen
John Leo
Pope Leo XIII
Xavier Lerma
Alan Jay Lerner
Max Lerner
Doris Lessing
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Oscar Levant
Roger Levian
Bernard H. Levin
Murray B. Levin
Sanford Levinson
Robert A. Levy
C. S. Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Sinclair Lewis
Sir William Arthur Lewis
Ludwig Lewisohn
Liberty Bell
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
G. Gordon Liddy
A. J. Liebling
Joshua Liebman
John Lilly
Eduard Limonov
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln (False)
Abraham Lincoln (Questionable)
William S. Lind
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.
Robert Lindner
John V. Lindsay
Lawrence Lindsey
Damon Linker
Judge Kermit Victor Lipez
Walter Lippmann
Ken Livingstone
Marios Vargas Llosa
Carolyn Lochhead
John Locke
John Locke (False)
Henry Cabot Lodge
Stony Loft
Vince Lombardi
Senator Edward V. Long
Russell Long
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Barry Lopez
Los Angeles Times
John R. Lott, Jr.
H. P. Lovecraft
James Russell Lowell
Theodore Lowi
Harold Lowman
John Lubbock
E. V. Lucas
F. J. Lucas
Clare Boothe Luce
Nelson Lund
Don Luskin
Martin Luther
Rosa Luxemburg
Peter Lynch
Timothy Lynch
Robert Wilson Lynd
Mary Lyon
Lord George Lyttleton

- M -

Donald S. MacAlvaney
General Douglas MacArthur
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Antonio Machado
Tibor Machan
Tibor R. Machan
J. Gresham Machen
Niccolo Machiavelli
Robert M. MacIver
Charles Mackay
Sir James MacKintosh
Archibald Macleish
James Madison
James Madison (False)
Maurice Maeterlinck
Bill Maher
Brian Maher
Charles S. Maier
Norman Mailer
Gary Makovski
Joyce Lee Malcolm
Kenan Malik
Michelle Malkin
Dumas Malone
George W. Malone
David Mamet
Morris Mandel
Nelson Mandela
Clarence Manion
Frank Mankiewicz
Marisa Manley
Hiram Mann
Horace Mann
Thomas Mann
Katherine Mansfield
Dmitri Manuilsky
Alf Mapp, Jr.
Marbury vs. Madison
Peyton Conway March
William Marcy
Orison Swett Marden
Jacques Maritain
Christopher Marlowe
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
John Marshall
Justice John Marshall
Justice Thurgood Marshall
Jose Marti y Perez
Everett Dean Martin
Howard Martin
Luther Martin
Thomas Martin
Tony Martin
Steven Martinovich
Groucho Marx
Karl Marx
Karl Marx (Questionable)
George Mason
Massachusetts Bill of Rights
Massachusetts Declaration of Rights
Massachusetts State Motto
Robert K. Massie
Bert Masterson
Matthew 20:15
Chris Matthews
Don Matthews
William R. Mattox, Jr.
W. Somerset Maugham
Francois Mauriac
Andre Maurois
Rollo May
Jonathan Mayhew
Benjamin E. Mays
Giuseppe Mazzini
William Gibbs McAdoo
Donald S. McAlvaney
Barry McCaffrey
Eugene McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Robert McChesney
Bill McConnell
G. D. McDaniel
Larry P. McDonald
Neil A. McDonald
Bob McEwen
Louis McFadden
Gail W. McGee
Phyllis McGinley
Patrick McGoohan
George McGovern
William McGowan
James McGuigan
Al McGuire
Reginald McKenna
Terence McKenna
William McKinley
John E. McLaughlin
Mignon McLaughlin
Justice John McLean
Marshall McLuhan
John F. McManus
Carey McWilliams
Peter McWilliams
James Meacham
Margaret Mead
George Meany
Alexander Meiklejohn
Chris Meissen
Rupertus Meldenius
Herman Melville
H. L. Mencken
Dr. Joseph Mengele
Karl A. Menninger
Angela Merkel
Joost A. Merloo
Mario Merola
Thomas Merton
Howard Metzenbaum
Frank Straus Meyer
Jules Michelet
Michigan Supreme Court
Giovanni Miegge
Javier Milei
James D. Miles
John Stuart Mill
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Arthur Miller
Arthur S. Miller
Sir Denison Miller
Dennis Miller
Henry Miller
Joel Miller
Olin Miller
Paul Miller
Miller v. U.S.
Wiley Miller
Zell Miller
Sarah Gertrude Millin
C. Wright Mills
John Mills
Roger Quarles Mills
A. A. Milne
John Milton
Charles Mingus
Octave Mirbeau
The Mishnah
Mississippi Constitution
Missouri Constitution
Alanna Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Jessica Mitford
Tim Moen
Lord Rees Mogg
Eben Moglen
Edgar J. Mohn
Thomas Molnar
James Monroe
Thomas S. Monson
Ashley Montagu
Mary Wortley Montagu
Ashley Montague
Bruce Montague
Charles Edward Montague
Maria Montessori
James Montgomery
Dwight Lyman Moody
Charles W. Moore
Houston v. Moore
Stephen Moore
Thomas Moore
Whitney Moore, Jr.
Thomas More
Charles Morgan
Charles Langbridge Morgan
J. P. Morgan
J. P. Morgan (Questionable)
Piers Morgan
Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
Michael Moriarty
Samuel Eliot Morison
Christopher Darlington Morley
Felix Morley
John Morley
John Viscount Morley
Prof. Dean Morris
Gouverneur Morris
Norval Morris
Jim Morrison
Toni Morrison
Lance Morrow
Wayne Morse
Gaetano Mosca
Vinnie Moscaritolo
Moses Moskowitz
Zero Mostel
Bill Moyers
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Malcolm Muggeridge
Mugler v. Kansas
Max Muller
Eustace Mullins
Russell Munk
Archibald D. Murphey
Frank Murphy
Laura Murphy
Maureen Murphy
Bert Murray
Charles Alan Murray
Edward R. Murrow
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini (Questionable)
A. J. Muste
Gustavus Myers
Lyle Myhr
C. E. M. Joad

- N -

Ralph Nader
W. A. Nance
Ogden Nash
George Jean Nathan
National Education Association Resolution
National Institute of Justice
National Police Officers' Association of America
National Press Club
National Sheriffs Association
National Socialist Party of Germany (NAZI)
Native American Story
Nazi slogan
Nebraska Constitution
Suzanne Necker
Richard J. Needham
Thomas Neill
Harriet Nelson
Mark Nestmann
New Mexico Constitution
New Mexico Court of Appeals
New York Times
Alfred E. Newman
Craig Newmark
Gavin Newsom
Huey P. Newton
Sir Isaac Newton
Issac Newton
David A. Nichols
Reinhold Niebuhr
Reverend Martin Niemoeller
Friedrich Nietzsche
Chester W. Nimitz
Swami Nirmalananda
Robert Nisbet
Richard M. Nixon
Albert Jay Nock
Lyn Nofziger
James L. Nolan
Peggy Noonan
Grover Norquist
Grover G. Norquist
Frank Norris
Kathleen Norris
Norris v. Baltimore
Col. Oliver North
Northwest Ordinance, Article III, 1787
Charles Eliot Norton
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Norton vs. Shelby County
Robert Nozick
Ted Nugent
Sam Nunn
Nunn vs. State

- O -

Sandra Day O'Connor
Scott O'Grady
Kevin O'Leary
Austin O'Malley
George O'Neil
Robert M. O'Neil
Eugene O'Neill
P. J. O'Rourke
Oath Keepers
Barack Hussein Obama
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Phil Ochs
Dr. Fred Oerther
Gerhard Oestreich
The Emperor of Azania
Supreme Court Of The United States
Charlton Ogburn, Jr.
Suso Ohno
Revilo P. Oliver
Walter Olsen
Mancur Olson
Commission On Freedom Of The Press
Reverend Edmund Opitz
Rev. Edmund A. Opitz
James Oppenheim
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Oregon Constitution
José Ortega y Gasset
George Orwell
George Orwell (False)
John Osborne
Charles Osgood
James Otis
James R. Otteson
P. D. Ouspensky
Candace Owens
Count Axel Oxenstierna

- P -

Vance Packard
Camille Paglia
Judge James Paine
Thomas Paine
Georges Palante
William Paley
William S. Paley
Cecil Palmer
Tom G. Palmer
Tom G. Palmer
Mario Palmieri
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
Van Panopoulos
Seymour Papert
Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus
Marie J. Parente
Michael Parenti
Francis W. Parker
Star Parker
C. Northcote Parkinson
Larry Parks
Justice Theophilus Parsons
Theophilus Parsons
Blaise Pascal
John Arthur Passmore
Boris Pasternak
George Pataki
Isabel Paterson
James Paterson
William Paterson
Wright Patman
Alan Paton
Katherine Patterson
Kort E. Patterson
General George S. Patton, Jr.
St. Paul
Jean Paul
Pope John Paul II
Dr. Ron Paul
Paul the Apostle
Pat Paulsen
Cesare Pavese
Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Martin Pawley
J. H. Payne
Octavio Paz
Peace March Signs
Norman Vincent Peale
CJ Pearson
Lester B. Pearson
M. Scott Peck
Westbrook Pegler
Charles Peguy
Leonard Peikoff
Nancy Pelosi
William Penn
Pennsylvania Gazette
People vs. Zerillo
Erik Pepke
Claude Pepper
Darren Perkins
Fritz Perls
St. Peter
Laurence J. Peter
Charles Peters
Tom Peters
Howard C. Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson
Peter G. Peterson
Shirley Peterson
Edward J. Phelps
Wendell Phillips
Philo of Alexandria
Francis Picabia
Pablo Picasso
Charles S. Pierce
Dr. Chester Pierce
Franklin Pierce
Michael Pierce
Daniel Pilla
Roger Pilon
Charles Pinckney
James Pinkerton
Everett Piper
H. Beam Piper
William Pitt
William Pitt, Sr.
Pope Pius X
Pope Pius XII
Titus Maccius Plautus
Pledge of Allegiance
The Liberty Pole
Political Affairs
Robert Pollack
Lansing Pollock
Robert C. Pollock
Daniel D. Polsby
John Norton Pomeroy
Lowell Ponte
Alexander Pope
Sir Karl Popper
Bruce D. Porter
Judge Richard Posner
Richard Posner
Judge Richard Allen Posner
Neil Postman
David M. Potter
Anne Bowen Poulin
Ezra Pound
Roscoe Pound
Paula Poundstone
Daniel Pouzzner
L. A. Powe, Jr.
General Colin Powell
General Colin Powell (False)
John Enoch Powell
Lewis F. Powell
Thomas Pownhall
Dennis Prager
Hugh Prather
Elvis Presley
Santo Presti
Red Pritchard
Paul Proctor
Robert N. Proctor
The Proponent
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Marcel Proust
Bulgarian Proverb
Chinese Proverb
Hungarian Proverb
Irish Proverb
Navajo Proverb
Roman Proverb
Joseph Pulitzer
The Punisher
Vladimir Putin
Snell Putney
Amilcare Puviani
Mario Puzo

- Q -

Terence H. Qualter
Anthony Quayle
Dan Quayle
Carroll Quigley
Carroll Quigley (False)
Josiah Quincy, Jr.
Jane Bryant Quinn
Marcus Fabius Quintilianus
Don Quixote

- R -

Isidor Issac Rabi
Byron C. Radaker
Ibn Rahel
Sir Walter Raleigh
Philip Lee Ralph
Ayn Rand
Bert Rand
Edmund Randolph
John Randolph
Jeannette Rankin
John E. Rankin
John W. Raper
Jon Rappoport
John Rarick
Jonathan Rauch
William Rawle
John Rawls
Dr. John Joseph Ray
Dr. John Joseph Ray
Leonard E. Read
Thomas Buchanan Read
William Winwood Reade
Michael Reagan
Ronald Reagan
Dan Recht
Ambrose Redmoon
Daniel A. Reed
Dr. Lawrence W. Reed
Stanley Forman Reed
Thomas B. Reed
Sir William Rees-Mogg
Charley Reese
William H. Rehnquist
Robert Reich
John P. Reid
Ralph Reiland
David Reisman
Charles Rembar
Ernest Renan
Jules Renard
Mary Renault
Janet Reno
Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary
Resolution of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party
James Reston
Jean-Francois Revel
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Morgan Reynolds
Rhode Island Constitution
Rhode Island Declaration of Rights Article I, Section I
Cecil Rhodes
Condoleezza Rice
Adrienne Rich
Keith Richards
H. L. Richardson
Samuel Richardson
Cardinal Richelieu
Sheldon Richman
David Riesman
Riley v. Carter
Georges Ripert
Michael Rivero
Mike Robbins
Tom Robbins
Henry Martyn Robert
Paul Craig Roberts
Pat Robertson
Edgar Wallace Robinson
Florence Robinson
James Harvey Robinson
Joan Robinson
Alfredo Rocco
David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller (False)
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
Lew Rockwell
Anita Roddick
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Carl Rogers
Will Rogers
Felix Rohatyn
Ernst Rohm
Milton Rokeach
Madame Jeanne-Marie Roland
Jon Roland
Art Rolnick
George L. Roman
Roman Proverb
Benjamin A. Rooge
Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
R. L. Root
I. Nelson Rose
Isaac Rosenfeld
A. M. Rosenthal
Edward Alsworth Ross
Clinton Rossiter
Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr.
Murray N. Rothbard
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Michael Rothschild
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Michael Rowbotham
Joseph Rowlands
Kenneth W. Royce
Robert L. Ruble
Warren Rudman
Mike Ruff
Richard Rumbold
Rudolph J. Rummel
Donald Rumsfeld
Dr. Benjamin Rush
Salman Rushdie
John Ruskin
Bertrand Russell
Willy Russell
Russian proverb
Bernhard Rust
Walt Rustow
Babe Ruth
Judge Wiley B. Rutledge
Harvey Ruvin
Dr. Mary J. Ruwart
Raymond Ruye
Edward G. Ryan

- S -

SA Oberfuhrer of Bad Tolz
Hassan I. Sabbah
Florence Sabin
Frederic Sackett
William Safire
Carl Sagan
Edward Said
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Andrei Sakharov
Richard Salant
J. D. Salinger
John Salter
A. E. Samaan
Patricia Sampson
Lord Herbert Louis Samuel
Julian Sanchez
Carl Sandburg
Bernie Sanders
Margaret Sanger
George Santayana
Rick Santelli
Epes Sargent
Greg Sargent
David Sarnoff
William Saroyan
Carmine Sarracino
May Sarton
Jean-Paul Sartre
Debra Saunders
Tupper Saussy
Robert C. Savage
George Savile
Girolamo Savonarola
John Godfrey Saxe
Jean-Baptiste Say
French Saying
Justice Antonin Scalia
Robert Schaeberle
Leonard Schapiro
John Scharr
Eric Schaub
Alan W. Scheflin
Felix Emmanuel Schelling
Felix E. Schelling
Irwin Schiff
Lisa Schiffen
Friedrich Schiller
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Benno C. Schmidt
Kurt L. Schmoke
Bruce Schneier
Ken Schoolland
Arthur Schopenhauer
J. Neil Schulman
Bob Schultz
Charles M. Schulz
Joseph A. Schumpeter
Edwin M. Schur
Carl Schurz
Peter Schwartz
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Albert Schweitzer
C. P. Scott
Howard Scott
James C. Scott
Rick Scott
Sir Walter Scott
Brent Scowcroft
Roger Scruton
Vin Scully
John Seabrook
Second Monument to Shays' Rebellion
John Selden
Patrick Semmons
Senate Report, 93rd Congress
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Richard Sennett
Hans F. Sennholz
Dr. Seuss
Eric Sevareid
Horatio Seymour
Butler D. Shaffer
John F. Shafroth
Ben Shahn
William Shakespeare
Assata Shakur
Angel Shamaya
Adi Shankaracharya
Albert Shanker
James Shapiro
Jack Sharp
Travis Sharp
John Shattuck
George Bernard Shaw
Henry Wheeler Shaw
Hartley Shawcross
Harry Shearer
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Morris Sheppard
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Alan Sherman
John Sherman
Roger Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman
Leo Shestov
Nelson Shields
Nelson Turner Shields, III
Edward A. Shils
William L. Shirer
Solomon Short
Richard Shortway
General David M. Shoup
Laurence H. Shoup
George Shultz
Algernon Sidney
Eli Siegel
Johann Sigurjonsson
Igor Sikorsky
John Silber
Ignazio Silone
Simmons v. U.S.
William Gilmore Simms
Julian Simon
Dr. Sidney Simon (False)
Alan Simpson
Alan K. Simpson
Homer Simpson
Richard E. Sincere, Jr.
Malcolm Sinclair
Upton Sinclair
Isaac Bashevis Singer
New Sisyphus
Dame Edith Sitwell
B. F. Skinner
Jerome H. Skolnick
Mark Skousen
W. Cleon Skousen
Slovenian Proverb
William J. Small
Lewis Smedes
Samuel Smiles
Adam Smith
Alfred E. Smith
Charles Hugh Smith
Craig R. Smith
George H. Smith
Gerrit Smith
Hedrick Smith
James Smith
Joseph R. Smith
Lillian Smith
Logan Pearsall Smith
L. Neil Smith
Melancton Smith
Rev. Samuel Francis Smith
Rodney A. Smola
Dan Smoot
Tommy Smothers
Jan C. Smuts
Brenda Snipes
C. P. Snow
Tony Snow
Edward Snowden
Jeffrey R. Snyder
Joseph Sobran
Frederick Soddy
King Solomon
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
George Soros
South African Saying
Southern California Oracle
Robert Southey
Dr. Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell
Art Spander
David Spangler
David Spangler (False)
Robert D. Specht
Albert Speer
Gerry Spence
Herbert Spencer
Herbert Spencer (Questionable)
Stephen Spender
Oswald Spengler
Baruch Spinoza
Lysander Spooner
Charles T. Sprading
Charles Sprague
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
John Squires
Josef Stalin
Sir Josiah Stamp
Dan Stanford
Leland Stanford
Philip Stanhope
Philip Dormer Stanhope
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Harold E. Stassen
State Department Paper 7277
State Gazette (Charleston)
State vs. Kerner
State v. Board of Examiners
State v. Sutton
Shelby Steele
Gertrude Stein
John Steinbeck

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