"[O]ur greatest contributions to the cause of freedom and development
overseas is not what we do over there, but what we do right here at home."
Frances Moore Lappé
(1944-) Ameican author, activist
Betraying the National Interest, published in 1982 by The Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First)
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Reader comments about this quote:
Drones at home. NSA boundless.

How're we doin'?
 -- anonymous     
    Not quite sure how to rate this. I understand the sentiment - it carries a lot of truth. BUT, what we do overseas reflects on what we are doing at home. The police state of home is expanding its imperial war mongering to all corners of the globe. That being said, that is the point.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    There is to much elite interest overseas. They have put a child at the helm, he and his crew are floundering our ship. Throwing the stores over the side. Spoiled children put in the lime light, by big media, nastiness, vulgarity, abounding. Keeping the parents hands tied, by confusion, imagination run a-muck. Controlled by war mongering, complex. Our leader looks like a spoiled child, let loose in a candy store. It is obvious he is not to run the country, but to run it down into the ground. No means No, so who will step up and take care of business and show some backbone. Putin has no fear of Obama, but fears those in the wings, hoping they will not come forward. Secular elites have put an Islamist, hate monger, anti Christian in the White House. And this is a Christian nation. Wake Up and take back control !
     -- watchman13, USA     
    "Over seas and at "home", we are fouling up both.
     -- jim k, austin tx     
    I'm afraid that what we are doing overseas in the name of 'war' we are now bringing home. Our domestic police and bureaus are employing military tactics perfected after decades of war in the Middle East. Americans are being conditioned to believe that our country is like Israel under constant threat from within, thus we are patted down (shaked down) and interrogated (papers please) at airports, train stations, bus stations, highways, and even on the sidewalk now (NYC!). All in the name of 'security.' Our police are being donated armored vehicles, DHS is amassing millions of rounds of ammunition, and all sorts of preparations are being made for potential massive civil unrest.

    I am tired of all this 'war' -- is that the only modus operandi US politicians have for 'solving' our nation's ills? The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism -- when in the history of the world was there ever no poverty, drugs, or 'terrorism'? It is perpetual war! Poverty, drugs, and terrorism are as plentiful as they have ever been since we have begun waging war on them. BUT the government is ten times more powerful than it has ever been, and the people have become mere serfs on their own land. THAT is the purpose of all this war -- something the war-mongers of every stripe should take very seriously.

    Afghanistan is NO THREAT to the U.S. AT ALL. The chances of dying in a terrorist attack on US soil is absolutely minuscule, yet we are spending trillions (that we don't have) warring abroad AND now at home. Nothing but false patriotism, false security, and false flags -- when will Americans finally say, 'Enough!'
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    It is one thing to wish to feed the world and end war, but here at home USA, it is very foolish to think democ-socialism will bring about compliance of a freed people. Kant's philosophy was not to spread democracy but establish freewill Constitutional Republics with a democratic process. 
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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