"This nation was conceived in liberty and dedicated
to the principle – among others – that honest men may honestly disagree;
that if they all say what they think,
a majority of the people will be able to distinguish truth from error;
that in the competition of the marketplace of ideas,
the sounder ideas will in the long run win out."
Elmer Davis
(1890-1958), American writer, commentator
But We Were Born Free, 1954
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Reader comments about this quote:
The lists on the internet are "the marketplace of ideas" and this statement is even more true -- altho the elite do have their hands in all of it, shelling out misinformation at an alrming rate
 -- Rick Z, Ashdown, AR     
    Rick Z, YES ! I think the process goes through its ups and downs, tough to easy, etc. cycles but ultimately, accurate (maybe not the majority).
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    People may honestly disagree as long as they bow down to the cult of political correctness. Mustn't say anything that could possibly offend anyone.
     -- jim k, austin tx     
    "... the sounder ideas will in the long run win out."
    Measured on what scale(s) ?
     -- Bobble, Charlotte     
    Honesty , walk upright, the armor of light !! Is the Key. Many always give into temptation. The few stay abreast !
     -- Ron w13, Or     
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