"If you want a Big Brother,
you get all that comes with it."
Erich Fromm
Escape from Freedom
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Reader comments about this quote:
I don't have a big brother. How do I get rid of those who claim to be my big brother, like the IRS?
 -- Joe, Rochester, MI
 -- KS, Somewhere,USA
 -- Anonymous 
... you mean we have a choice? Great! Can we get rid of Big Bro King George W and his Jester sooner rather than later? (OH NO, here comes the FBI after me! "America... I knew you well...")
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US
A from Reston, I like it
 -- Mike, Norwalk
The people who want a Big Brother are those too scared or lazy to take responsibility for their own lives. Too bad we can't divide the country into two zones ... the Big Brother zone and the Free and Independant zone. Oh ... they tried that already about 145 years ago, and Big Brother won.
 -- Mike, Mount Holly, NC
Never forget those immortal words "We are from the guvment....an we are here to hep you..." Or perhaps better--"We are from the guvment...and we are here to hep someone else (or the environment, etc.) at your expense--whether you like it or not." The rise of Big Brother is the story of the rise of the welfare state in America...from each according to his ability; to each according to his need/laziness/history/ad infinitum. Ya just can't have one without the other.....and that my friends, was around long before GW every became president.
 -- Michael, Houston
When individual rights are no longer respected, you will need a Big Brother to 'protect you/ from the other 'Big Brothers'.
 -- E Archer, NYC
It is very telling that Wells was OSS and that his vision of a future world is coming true even with his warning
 -- the guy, next door
The United Nations is NOT your friend. Can you name one mission of the UN that was not a failure? (other than extracting massive sums of money from the American people.) Anyone wearing a blue beret or helmet on American soil should be a target of opportunity.
 -- Hotel Charlie, Las Vegas, Nevada
I don't want a Big Brother.
 -- Anonymous
Good observation Hotel Charlie. Here's a video demonstrating how we do have Big Brother...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul5oQ3wbstQ
 -- J Carlton, Calgary
Hotel Charlie is right on target as to the U.N. During the Cold War before Russia became our "friend," U.N. representatives from the Soviet Union were invariably spies. It was an easy way to get spies into the U.S.
 -- jim k, Austin, Tx
And, any government, big enough, to give you all you need, is also, big enough, to take all you have.we now live in that situation.....for the time being that is.
 -- Kimo, USA
Hotel Charlie, YEP, the UN patch, is NOT American, and does not belong, on our soil. They KNOW how the majority feeld about it, make no mistake, they are VERY aware, that if they place UN troops, on our soil, at THIS time, me thins there will be a major problem...me knows it. And, from direct face to face talks, with our young brothers, now serving in the military, the government, will have one hell of a surprise, should they order our men to fire upon us. IF that order is given, FIRST, there will be a battle within the ranks, the best thing we can do, is pick the right side.me?? Im a patriot, and I believe i the Constitution.
 -- Kimo, USA
Sorry, one last thing, nope, those that wear the UN patch, are not our friends, they bear no alligience to our Nation, the picture is very clear. God Bless all And, May the Angels, particulally Gabrial be our right arm. The one third, the ones cast down, have little time, this is why you see so much evil now. The battle rages above, and below. It is a battle between good, and evil, and GOOD , will win. Just becuase ya cant se it, with your natural eye, does not mean it is not there. many have seen it, its REAL, very REAL. We fight not only the natural, but the spiritual.and that, is a FACT
 -- Kimo, USA
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