2018 July 27
"Virtue is harder to be got than a knowledge of the world;
and, if lost in a young man, is seldom recovered."
"Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice."
"When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil."
2018 July 26
"Be fit for more than the thing you are now doing.
Let every one know that you have a reserve in yourself;
that you have more power than you are now using.
If you are not too large for the place you occupy,
you are too small for it."
"Perfect Freedom is reserved
for the man who lives by his own work,
and in that work does what he wants to do."
"Then liberty, like day,
Breaks on the soul, and by a flash from Heaven
Fires all the faculties with glorious joy."
2018 July 25
"One byproduct of individualism is benevolence --
a general attitude of good will
towards one's neighbors and fellow human beings.
Benevolence is impossible in a society
where people violate each others' rights."
"Count it the greatest sin to prefer life to honor,
and for the sake of living
to lose what makes life worth having."
"If moral behavior were simply following rules,
we could program a computer to be moral."
2018 July 24
"The loyalists in the beginning of the late war objected
to associating, arming and fighting, in defense of our liberties,
because these measures were not constitutional. A free people
should always be left... with every possible power to promote
their own happiness."
"We find it intolerable that one constitutional right
should have to be surrendered in order to assert another."
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
2018 July 23
"An appeal is when you ask one court
to show its contempt for another court."
"The only kind of freedom that the mob can imagine
is freedom to annoy and oppress its betters,
and that is precisely the kind that we mainly have."
"The strongest of all warriors are these two -- Time and Patience."
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