"Some methodological atheists formulate the principle by saying that the burden of proof is always on any person making an existence claim, since, from a logical point of view, existence claims are only capable of proof, not disproof. No one has ever proven the nonexistence of Santa Claus, or elves, or unicorns, or anything else, simply because the very logic of an unrestricted existential proposition prohibits its disproof. It is impossible to go all over the universe and show that, for example, there are no elves anywhere. For this reason, rational methodology calls for us to deny the existence of all those things which have never been shown to exist. That is why we all regard it rational to deny the existence of Santa Claus, elves, unicorns, etc. And since God is in that same category, having never been shown to exist, it follows that rational methodology calls for us to deny the existence of God."
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Reader comments about this quote:
I see. I exist. Somehow unbeknownst to me I live. If mere existance does not scream creation at you I dont know what will.
 -- Christopher Cobb     
    Christopher, people like you worry me. How many children have you touched? How many heathens have you beat up? How many doctors have you killed? People like you need to be medicated and institutionalized.
     -- No Jesus, Know Peace     
    I love this quote. It is logic at its purest. Maybe that's exacly why religiously blinded people have always trouble with Logic and Reason.
     -- Andy, Portland, OR     
    God is not in the same category as Santa or Elves or any of that because He (yes HE the one God) came to save not to give presents... there is so much evidence of God its amazing that you cannot see it with your own eyes... just think scientist study animals and natural happenings when inventing... why b/c nature is a creation and it was made by someone smarter that all of us... creation WAS prefect! And is not some random process... so answer me this... why do we study nature? if we are evolved higher than animals... and if your skeptic or critic... please at least examine the claims of the Bible and Creation before you just dismiss it as unscientific and contradictory... because you cant be sure of anything until its been tested
     -- Larvan Minuit, paris     
    I love it. Even if you don't agree with it, you have to admit it's food for thought.
     -- Jen, Boston     
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