"Courage without conscience is a wild beast."
Robert G. Ingersoll
(1833-1899) American lawyer, Civil War veteran, political leader, orator of United States during the Golden Age of Free Thought, nicknamed "The Great Agnostic"
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Anonymous      
 -- Pastor Frank Estes, Houston, Texas      
A maddening thought.
 -- John-Douglas, Nassau     
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    This quote is accurate in describing a coward. In Grants Pass, Oregon "they" engage in horrendous mind control experimentation/assaults on non-consensual Human Beings via subliminal microwave weaponry and related technology. This crypto-scientific fiasco is perpetrated by individuals and groups who stop at nothing to destruct the Human Soul. Something must be done to end this deplorable form of "Human Science" reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength".
     -- Benjamin Brown, Grants Pass     
  • 2
    Conscience makes a control already but when things go beyond the 'humane' it won't be called courage will it? In the end one gotta put a limit to his wills for the sake of the whole not to seem prophetic but to let things go logically (if the word counts anymore).
     -- Rola Mic., Jordan     
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    I'm not quite sure how to rate this with stars. On its face and first thought it is an absolute minimum of 5 stars. BUT, considering the conscience (or lack thereof and/or religious belief ? ? ?) Hitler, Stalin, Mao were all attempting an end goal with a certain perceived understanding of courage and conscience and they were worse than wild beasts. As I would define the terms, such wild beasts were without courage or conscience.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    I wouldn't call Hitler, Stalin or Mao 'courageous.' I don't even think a bully thinks his bullying is courageous. What fears do they have necessitating 'courage'? No need for courage when you have 'no fear.' Anything without conscience is 'wild.'

    "No fear, and no conscience makes a wild beast."
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    The intent of the heart, but, it is nature which judges the outcome, whether civilized or that of a beast.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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