"We can see beyond the present shadow of war in the Middle East to a new world order where the strong work together to deter and stop aggression. This was precisely Franklin Roosevelt's and Winston Churchill's vision for peace in the post-war period."
Richard Gephardt
[Richard Andrew "Dick" Gephardt] (1941-) US Congressman (D-MO, 1977-2005), presidential candidate in 1998 & 2003, senior counsel at global law firm DLA Piper, consultant for Goldman Sachs
Wall Street Journal, September, 1990
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Reader comments about this quote:
Thank goodness that Gephardt is a "former Congressman".
 -- jim kilpatrick, austin, tx     
    We can also see "during" the present shadow of war in the middle east that personal liberties are drying up faster that a puddle in Arizona. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Well said jim and Carlton.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    A perfectly good example of liberal-speak. 'Good intentions' wrapped up in deceipt. FDR's vision is NOT the vision of a free an independent America. 'Peace' is so vague, 'Agression' is also meaningless here. No Peace without Justice. We all have the right to use agressive force to defend our rights. To blindly support peace and disarmement is a con. We are at war with the ruling class, and they want 'peace' -- that is to say, they want us to be obedient sheep. Live free or die!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    "Where the people have no vision, the people will perish". Gephardt was speaking at a time progress was being made in the Middle East. Five yars later or so Clinton, Simon Peres, and Anwar Sadat met and shook hands at the White House. There are still many visionary (and many will laugh at them) leaders and statesmen who will (thank goodness) bring peace and a better world tomorrow. The only thing we should fear is that good men will look the other way and do nothing.
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    Correction: I believe Mr. Peres' name was Shimon and it was not Anwar Sadat but Yasser Arafat that met him and Clinton at the White House.
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
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