"Every actual state is corrupt. Good men must not obey laws too well."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
(1803-1882) American essayist, lecturer, and poet
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Logan, Memphis, TN      
Ahhh, poetic double talk, I like it.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US      
    Good men must still think for themselves -- and bear the consequences.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Bad laws were meant to be broken.
     -- David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood     
     -- Anonymous      
    obeying Laws is good, worshiping them...that's bad.
     -- William, Provo, UT     
    Hurrah for Emerson! Cuts through the quick. I'm sure he was educated in England. I was asked once if I would rather swear allegiance to, and by nature of, bow down to the Royalty of Britain or being Canadian; align myself with the apparent subjugation that we have had to endure as Canadians to our American Masters. I say it's time for us to strike our own course: Fuck the British, Fuck the Americans - WE HAVE THE RESOURCES AND THE POWER WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO FUCK US AROUND?
     -- CCPatriot!, Red Deer, Alberta     
    We often find many in government and the government itself is not obeying laws. Why is it that they expect us to obey them?
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
    I generally respect Emerson but his conclusion here does not follow.
     -- A.WOODS, Gloucester     
    hmm, CCPatriot, don't sugar coat it, tell us how you feel about it ;-)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Counter Point: The only way for anything to fail is for Good Men to do nothing. Taking Emerson literraly in Texas Good Men should drive around in defective cars and should bathe with their family and friends and their own sweaty, filthy bodies in public swimming pools. That'll show the state boy that will really show the GD State! Can we ever get some quotes that will bring less than five stars from non-thinking red necks.
     -- Waffler, Smith     
    Every state is corrupt because everyone who aspires to rule over others is inherently corrupt, otherwise they'd have no desire for the power to force others to live as they would have them live. Our own politicians are the perfect example right up to The One and the despicable Congressional "leaders". Another red neck five stars from me, and Waffler, a red neck is usually covered by a blue collar: what do you have against the working man? Does their self reliance offend you?
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
     -- Skuj, Richmon Hill      
    Red necks is just a throw away term. My redneck friends drive safe cars and enjoying bathing, they don't go into the pool after cycling or wrestiling in the mud, I guess I used the wrong term to refer to those who like to drive unsafe cars and fail to bathe when using public swimming pools, what do you call them Ken.
     -- Waffler, Smith     
     -- RBESRQ      
    To CCP Patriot in Red Deer, the Americans and British dont fuck you around nearly as much as they Fuck their taxpaying citizens. US taxpayers are squeezed for the following and more: 1. Pay for most of military defense budget of the free world, we PAY 2. For the Pharmaceutical research to make drugs/therapies that only the raped US citizens pay full price for (you buy for a fraction of what I do) 3. US taxpayer pays to support 20% of the population which is either too useless, stupid or lazy to work, or they have gamed the system and work off the books and collect from a myriad of taxpayer funded gravy trains, 4. We maintain 2 Million prisoners and make the taxpayer pay for their free lawyers, health education and welfare. Including $1 Million in heart transplants (YES ITS TRUE). 40% should be let go and allowed to take their drugs, and kill themselves if they want to, and if they commit crime against anyone because of it just execute them, why do the innocent have to pay? It just does not make sense nor is it sustainable for much longer. 5 The US government Tyrannizes its own citizens far more than you! You are lucky to still have most of your taxes come back to YOU in benefits and programs -- to the middle class that paid them.
     -- Donald Frump, New York     
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