"That the religious right completely took over the word Christian is a given. At one time, phrases such as Christian charity and Christian tolerance were used to denote kindness and compassion. To perform a "Christian" act meant an act of giving, of acceptance, of toleration. Now, Christian is invariably linked to right-wing conservative political thought -- Christian nation, Christian morality, Christian values, Christian family."
Peter McWilliams
(1949-2000) Poet, author
Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, 1996
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Reader comments about this quote:
If Christ were alive today, no doubt he would be the first to disown today's "Christian" movement...
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
    This group along with some of the Media seem to be destroying the meaning of Christians and Christmas. However, they will not succeed for there are far too many of us that will not buy their false bill of goods.
     -- Byron Butters, Andover     
    This is a great quote. McWilliams has every right to express his opinion. It does seem Christ can only be found in the thought of right-wing conservatives. It is not a political thought, but a Biblical thought - a Christlike nation, Christlike morality, Christlike values, Christlike family. God sent His Son to walk the earth to show us how to live, die, and live again with Him. Right-wing conservatives choose to follow Christ not politicians.
     -- Kathy, Pennsylvania     
    Kathy in PA doesn't seem to get it. Right wing conservatives don't think like Christ. The teachings of Jesus have no place in today's "Christian Nation". I don't think they should be able to use the word "Christian" at all.
     -- Anonymous, Raleigh, NC     
    Kathy, you're right that it's a great quote, but he's not celebrating the religious right. He's pointing out their hypocrisy. You're obviously viewing the sentiment through a warped prism.
     -- Anonymous     
    I think Jesus was a liberal, and if you are not somewhat of a liberal then you can't consider yourself a Christian
     -- MATT, CA     
    I'm not so sure the fascist right took over the term Christian as much as it was thrust upon them by the redefining atheist left. The atheist left needed an adversary (bad guy) to blame so they could take all that was good, so associated with Christ, out of society. The fascist right was all to willing to accept the title as it put some kind of justification on their malefaction. The general term "Christian", associated to acts, charity, morality, values, family, etc., had to be removed from the concrete Christ's teachings and, the abstract personal / societal benefits and betterment to be placed on a villains face so that it might be eliminated. The transformation worked well. As to a Christian nation, it wouldn't matter if any of the founders were Christian or, if there was one Christian left in this nation, it would still be a Christian nation. The term Christian nation referenced the primary research (the Bible) that was used for the founding principles, law, and justice of the Constitution and otherwise legal jurisprudence. Even the secondary or minor references, such as John Locke (second most quoted source by the founders outside the Bible), used Biblical principles and history as the bases of their philosophies, theorems, and self evident truths. So, when I here some one make a reference to the founders and say they were or weren't Christian, they were Deists or ? ? ?, my response is SO WHAT, what does that have to do with anything ? Answer; nothing - its just part of the left / right argument to stop anyone from getting at the truth. Again, the atheist left and the fascist / neocon right misuse the term.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Perhaps they had to get political to fight back against the courts of Earl Warren and Warren Burger who started to limit religion in public.
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
    Aside from the fact that it's not true, what is wrong with the concept of a Christian Family, Christian values, Christian morality? The flaw is in allowing politicians to touch that which is of Faith. The goal is to allow faith to permeate that which is political. And economic. And so on. This is why the Founding Fathers attempted to control the State in its relationship to religion, but encouraged religion to influence the State. It's a valid point - once politics dominates the religious scene, the whole scene is covered in manure. But it ignores the fact that our Founders and leaders were able to make this country great precisely because they were influenced by their faith in God. It is lunacy to attribute all the ills of a society to those who believe in God, but typical of the hypocrisy of those who hate God because He forbids them to engage in the unbridled exercise of their own lusts and greed.
     -- Daniel, Ft. Worth     
    He's got it exactly the opposite. The left is demeaning the term Christian.
     -- Missy, Lake City     
    Another case of liberals redefining terms. Even the term liberal has been hijacked. It used to mean someone who wanted to be free from government controlling every aspect of their lives. Definitely not someone who lives dependent on government. A liberal a hundred years ago was synonymous with what a conservative is today. Christian charity (like salvation) is an individual choice and is voluntary. A government that forces someone to pay the way of another is not Christian. Read Matthew 20:15
     -- Grant, Aurora     
    The battle for the word 'Christian' has been going on for centuries. Co-opting the word 'Christian' has been a racket for a long time. I prefer 'christian' the adjective rather than the noun. Am I christian? Well, it really isn't for me to say. The precepts of the Christ concerning charity, self-respect, love of one another, mutual helpfulness, honor, integrity, humility, and courage are the real thing. But the dogma and 'mysteries' have deluded many into cruel and murderous acts in the name of 'God.' I know plenty of non-Christians whose acts I would call christian while a great many Christians have acted like the very devils they claim to reject. The truth sets us free -- that includes exposing the corruptions of truth in the name of religion. With Truth, Love, and Courage, what need is there of religion?
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Go on - throw the baby out with the bath water. Christian precepts come from the heart. It's easy to point fingers of blame. No matter how many people debase them, the principles will always be available to those who care.
     -- Roxy, Marble Falls     
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