"No taxation without representation."
Jonathan Mayhew
(1720-1766) Founding Father, clergyman, minister
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Reader comments about this quote:
This is an excellent quote that expressed the views of early Americans in their quest for independence. It is still germane today.
 -- Maxcine Collier, Ambler     
    Sadly, I haven't met one high-school student, and only a small handful of college-students who even knows what this means.
     -- Logan, Memphis, TN     
    And also sadly, the statement still allows for taxation.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    In today's Democracy, there are no representatives of 'We The People' sovereigns, constituting a greater dichotomy than existed when Mayhew wrote this. Today's representatives represent the state only. Many taxes not only violate fiscal law, at the very least being destructive to prosperity but also, enslave the once sovereign.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    A good and necessary part of the framework of Law but I believe it doesn't go far enough.I think.... "and a consensus of the majority" should be added to it.
     -- Me Again, Your Town,USA     
    Me Again, if taxes could only be laid with a consensus of the majority then the majority could simply vote away the property of the minority -- that isn't any better. The truth is that in a free republic of sovereign people, there are many things that CANNOT be taxed no matter the majority consensus. Private property, for example, can only be 'private' if it is untaxable. If our labors are taxable, then in essence we are working for the government -- it is a form of slavery, especially when 65% of a person's earnings from labor end up in government coffers for taxes, as is the case for many countries that are the darlings of the UN -- Canada, Norway, Sweden, and several others. The Bill of Rights ought to have had an amendment stating clearly that Congress shall make no law taxing the labors or property of the People -- that is the law, however, it should have been made clearer just like the right to free speech, religion, bearing arms, etc..
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    MISSIONS IMPOSSIBLE: It is impossible to pay taxes with dollar bills that the IRS said "are not dollars." It is impossible to pay taxes with credit. The Fed said their system of plunder "works only with credit." It is impossible to pay taxes with counterfeit. Nobel Laureate, Paul Samuelson said the Federal Reserve is "an omnipotent cunterfeiter." in his Economics, 4th Edition. NOBODY wants us to pay taxes, they want to think that we pat taxes or be punished. You don't file returns because of a law, there is none. You file to avoid punishment for not filing. Any adult who performs just to avoid punishment for not performing is a slave to whomever threatens punishment. To file a truthful return can get you jailed! What we have today is misrepresentation without taxation. ALL taxes were abolished in 1968 when the "money of account" (silver coins) was abolished, Instead of abolishing death too, our misleaders strive to expedite our demise via alcohol, alum, aspartame, caffeine, canola, carageenan, chlorine, fluoride, MSG and MORE. Home of the brave? Are you brave enough to tell the IRS that you need definitions of "dollar" and "income" and the statute that requires you to file returns? Show us your bravery! Taxes cannot be paid with anything less than silver coins and none circulate. A check to IRS is nothing but an authorization for your bank to reduce your credit and thus regulate your consumption. In 1920, John Maynard Keynes wrote: "If governments should refrain from regulation...the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer." It is impossible to pay taxes with worthless money.
     -- Dave Wilber, St. Louis     
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    IRS stands for: Imaginary Revenue Scam (or Scum)
     -- Dave Wilber, St. Louis     
    The problem with many today is that they do not want taxation with representation either. Bottom line they do not want taxation at all. Children such as they are!
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
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     -- Dave Wilber, St. Louis     
    I'd like to add to it: "No representation without taxation." 45% of our country pays no income tax but is happy to say tax the rich more! If you don't have skin in the game you shouldn't be voting on any tax for someone else.
     -- SCSURFR, La Mirada     
    Through the course of life as an Independent sovereign contractor one can find options, if looking, to deal with tyranny. Liberty has been replaced with " Privilege " under current socialistic rule. Yet even at that, 15% divided between a " wage token " and corp profit seem enough to pacify small corporate business. With the wage slave on the other hand, setting high goals, and smart choices of what type of field of education, is the path to success. though short lived, say, your life time. That pacifies the Middle Class wage slave. So one can see their reluctance to " Rock the boat." Passing down to the next generation, those options, all but one are mentioned. The Fight to regain Liberty. Mike, Norwalk makes a resounding Profound statement, " In today's Democracy, there are No representatives of " We the People " sovereigns." taxation without representation ! of the individual sovereign. Only one legal instrument have I found to represent " We the People " the, AFFIDAVIT OF REVOCATION AND RESCISSION, which represents an individual. But can be modified for class action. On that scale, a Revolution of concerted effort, from all Ranks. Private and otherwise is required. Waking up to reality has been waited for for some time. True to Core, and Oath have Never left sight of Sound Leadership. Even as large as things have grown, Righting of our Ship of State and true course can be accomplished ! The fraud and deception, oppression can be removed from Office, local, state and federal levels. We the People have that Right. " Understanding is Strength " guided by Faith and Resolve. ! waffler's assumptions will be his/their undoing.
     -- Ronw13, Yachats OR     
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