"We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of
the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should
infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections."
John Adams
(1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President
Inaugural Address, March 4, 1797
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Reader comments about this quote:
That would include electronic voting machines that are defective, programed so that only a private corporation may ultimately read them, and/or otherwise tampered with..
 -- MIke, Norwalk     
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    Cook county,Illinois hasn't had an honest election in many years. John would turn over in his grave if he could see one of our "fair and virtuous" elections. A great example right now is watching Al Franken trying to steal the Minnesota senate seat .
     -- jim k, austin     
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    Our elections have been that of the third world - Mike they programmed these machines with a back door - I wonder why...
     -- RBESRQ     
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    RBESRQ, you are absolutely right; and with all the unsuccessful law suits that were terminated for one reason or another, I say hmmm?
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    I sometimes wonder if there ever has been a free, fair, virtuous, and independent election. I remember stories from my long deceased grandfather about votes being bought and sold for a dollar and jug of 'shine. Voting has always been an illusion designed to keep the peasants under control. I just wonder where my jug of 'shine is. I could use it right about now.
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
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    It's not in the voting that counts, it is in the counting! I am afraid our elections are far from fair -- the CFR monopolizes the entire process and pulls various strings in the Dems and GOP parties, the mainstream media, the Fed, and military-industrial complex. Not to mention the obvious use of electronic voting machines that do not give a 'receipt' (try that at the store). Who is watching the watchers?
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Who are the watchers ? Good question Archer, as to who is watching the watchers, those who know they exist. Friends and enemies in high places. Overwhelming turnout of evangelicals, drawing out, and instilling like mindedness among individuals. Natural law stirs the herd. Some have the authority to move the faithful when needed. As to the origin of this authority, that, is not a question ask, by those that watch the watchmen. The election was rigged, but overwhelmed through unity of knowledge shared.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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    Why isn't voting as secure as an ATM transaction?  Banks can track every penny, but local elections are run by public school flunkies.  Counting ballots should be the same as counting chips in a casino with lots of watchers watching the watchers.  Why?  Because people cheat when given the opportunity!  Denial of this is the crucial 'tell' among those who advocate electronic voting, mail-in voting, no-ID voter registration.  This has been going on for decades, particularly in Democratic cities, with over 100% of registered voters voting many of whom are apparently deceased or have moved away.  Dead Democrats swinging elections is widespread, only denied by the winners, and thus never investigated.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Trump has taken them all on; witness the response.  Let's keep it up!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- jim k, Austin      
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