"The law is not the private property of lawyers,
nor is justice the exclusive province of judges and juries.
In the final analysis, true justice is not a matter of courts and law books,
but of a commitment in each of us to liberty and mutual respect."
Jimmy Carter
[James Earl Carter] (1924- ) 39th US President
Dallas Times-Herald, 26 April 1978
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Anonymous      
A pretty good quote from the 2nd worse president in American history.
 -- jim k, austin tx     
    Which liberty and mutual respect of what ? Words from a Fabian socialist wanting to justify a reprobate behavior. Very weak quote.
     -- Ron w13, Or     
    As to the first 3 lines as displayed here, I would rate the quote innumerable times with countless stars because of the accuracy and the mental image exhibited to the mind and heart. The fourth line's conclusion after "but", makes the whole thing a legal positivist's lie (enslaving everyone under a misapplication of the noble banner 'justice'). Agreeing with Ron above, Carter's meaning of "a commitment in each of us to liberty and mutual respect" is absolutely diametrically opposed to my meaning of such. Law is a natural phenomena defining that which is (codes, ordinances, regulations, rules, statutes, etc. are mere tools in man's administration of said definitions). Justice is a filling full, restoring or setting into place matter's natural expression(s) (as defined by natural law). Liberty is: Freedom from restraint. The power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature. (Bouviers Law Dictionary). Carter believes men are gods with ability to make law (canons) and justice - his priesthood (government) having ability to enforce canons and inflict justice. Carter knows that his religion is static and can only exist by being the most powerful (numerically or by the sword) and continuing to a commit each of us to his anti-natural law / Constitution and theocratic definition of liberty - holding therewith, a mutual respect thereof.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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