"I would rather starve and rot
and keep the privilege of speaking
the truth as I see it,
than of holding all the offices
that capital has to give
from the presidency down."
Henry Brooks Adams
(1838-1918) Pulitzer prize-winning historian (1919), great-grandson of John Adams, grandson of John Quincy Adams, and son of US Secretary of State, Charles Adams
The Degradation of the Democratic Dogma, 1919
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Reader comments about this quote:
Fancy words but I don't believe him. Unfortunately a person will quickly loose all concern for truth liberty or anything else when he is starving and rotting. He can only begin to think of higher concerns when his basic needs are met to at least a minimum degree.
 -- warren, olathe     
    Don't sweat it, Warren. I'll find some Maslow quotes and give them some stars.
     -- hugh, st. louis     
     -- Anonymous      
    So idealistic and inspirational. I love optimists. I think Warren's thoughts, while pessimistic, are unfortunately more realistic.
     -- Anonymous     
    It's possible to die for what you believe, it's been done in the past, and will be done in the future. That might be optimistic, even idealistic, but I think it's a true quote when applied to certain people.
     -- A Student Philosopher, Utah     
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