"It takes two wings to fly."
Eric Schaub
American writer, speaker, activist
essay, "Conservative Liberal or Liberal Conservative?"
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Reader comments about this quote:
Wonderful ! The truth has been told
 -- karen, orlando     
    more information is needed
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I get it. Neither the right nor the left on its own will result in checks and balances.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    That is what I said be an optimal pragmatist. Two wings are optimal. "Wealthy" people get their money from "poor" people.They have simply cornered the market. A tax cut that puts more money into the hands of the middle class (like this summers $600 stimulus) will be spent for products and services supplied by the "wealthy". They will reap profits and dividends. A slight increase in their taxes will off set the reduction but they will get their increase in tax back in spades as the economy improves, profits soar, and dividends roll in.
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    I'd say that this quote is a bad analogy. Flight is attained by one physical force overcoming an opposing force, i.e. lift, Vs. weight.
     -- Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL     
    Proof that Waffler is a government agent: MISSIONS IMPOSSIBLE: To pay taxes with dollar bills that the IRS said "are not dollars; To pay taxes with credit, The Fed said their system "works only with credit"; To pay taxes with counterfeit. Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson said the Federal Reserve is an "omnipotent counterfeiter"-- Economics, 4th edition. My state authorized us to "pay" certain taxes with credit cards. If they authorized us to grow wings, could we fly? Waffler's omnipresence conforms that he is a government agent, and I have news for him: he is being poisoned with fluoride and other toxins like the rest of us!
     -- Dave Wilbur, St. Louis     
    ridiculous to use in political sense.
     -- warren, olathe     
     -- Anonymous      
    ...if you're a butterfly or in a biplane. This is a poor analogy for political thought. The implocation is that a common goal cannot be reached without liberals and conservatives, two diametrically opposed forces, working together. If you want to force this analogy to work make Conservativism is one wing and God's Law the other. Liberalism and despotism are the forces of friction and gravity respectively.
     -- Justin, Elkland     
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