"There’s no longer any left or right.
There’s the system and the enemies of the system."
Eduard Limonov
[Eduard Veniaminovich Savenko] (1943- ) Russian writer and political dissident, founder and leader of the National Bolshevik Party
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Reader comments about this quote:
In large part the quote is very accurate. The left (communist) and right (fascist) are two sides to the same socialist coin. There is the ruling elite, complete with their funny money and industrial military complex and there's everybody else. I'm not so much an enemy of the system as much as I am a patron of a once upon a time in a land far, far away implemented representative republic with constitutional limits. If it comes down to; 'are you with us or against us', I am rock solid for freedom and liberty and against the statist theocracy that now infests this land.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    There is only the beast system and it's enemys and its enemies that do not fear it.
     -- Anonymous     
    In large part the quote is very accurate. The left (Democrats) and right (Republicans) are two sides to the same American Democracy coin. There is the ruling elite, complete with their funny money and industrial military complex and there's everybody else.
     -- JC Martin, Houston     
    The human penchant and deisre for systems knows no bounds whether it be political systems, engineering systems or computer systems etcetera. A system is just a known and proven way of doing things. Systems should be able to be tinkered with around the edges, new and improved models etcetera. Those who are totally and adamantly against systems of any and all kinds is probably a little bit immature. May there always be freedom and tinkerers around the edges so that revolutions will be unnecessary. If King George would have allowed the colonists to tinker many lives could have been saved.
     -- Waffler, Smith     
    A perfect description of America today. Mike, you need to correct your statement. Yes, there is a fascist-left but there is also a fascist Right and its the fascist right that scares me far more than the fascist left. The fascist-right has on its side corporate America, the extreme religious fanatics, the military machine and the government who has the one, two and three, as dictatorial husbands. We are currently undergoing a number of the major characteristics of a fascist state. GW Bush built on those characteristics and, unfortunately, Obama seems to be following in his footstep. Moa Zedong is an example of fascist left - Moaism includes Communism and Marxism. The ONLY reason the word left became part of the equasion was because of the French when those representing the people sat on the Left and those representing the aristocracy sat on the Right. Mao built his success on the peasants not the workers. He realized that the peasants, if influenced enough (by Marxism - a communist utopia), had the power he needed to take over imperial China. Fascism stands for an autocratic government headed by a dictator and represented the far-right of the left-right positions.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Robert, I wrote fascist right. I understand there is a fledgling or otherwise small section of the fascist movement that would identify themselves with the left but for the most part, I agree with you, it is the fascist right that is real scary. The fascist right is no scarier though than the socialist, communist, collectivist left. The scariest of all is the progressives (their own brand of statist theocracy) that borrow the worst of all forms of despotic and tyrannical ism's to destroy freedom, liberty, prosperity and law. I recognize that there is a real problem with trying to put an exact title to what is going on because traditional titles don't exactly fit. I really don't want to divert focus of the real problem, what ever title it is, it is unconstitutional, ANTI: law, justice, prosperity, freedom, liberty, rights and all that which is constructive.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Mike, good point! Well done!
     -- RBESRQ     
    As a systems analyst, I heartily agree. Left and right are just to keep the peasants fighting among each other while the 'system' goes unnoticed and beyond scrutiny. All of our nation's ills can be attributed to the system of debt creation we call 'money' today. Until that system is thrown out for good, it doesn't matter your political affiliations -- whoever controls the money controls the people who are dependent upon it. Systems developers understand more than anyone how business and finance works -- the rest of the employees just type into their computers what they are supposed to. Even bank managers do not know the system by which they mint and unmint currency, but there it is. In a country where the currency is debt, it is inevitable and unavoidable that everyone eventually is in complete and total debt -- that is where we are heading, and unless the system is destroyed, perpetual debt and obligations to the counterfeiters is the result -- that is the way the system is designed and it runs its own course.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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