"Although I have made a fortune in the financial markets, I now fear that the untrammeled intensification of laissez-faire capitalism and the spread of market values into all areas of life is endangering our open and democratic society. The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat."
"The Capitalist Threat" by George Soros, Atlantic Monthly, Volume 279, No. 2, February 1997
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Reader comments about this quote:
Sounds like he just likes to use big words and may not understand what those words really mean. Furthermore, Mr. Soros is the last person who should make such statements. If it wasn't for the "Laissez-Faire Capitalism", Mr. Soros would not have the assets that he has.
 -- Mr. Smith, U.S.A.     
    Mr. Smith, Mr. Soros knows what's going on. You don't.
     -- Anonymous, USA     
    mr. Smith knows a hell of a lot more about freedom than mr Soros
     -- jim, Torrance,Calif.     
    Then why are the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the middle class disappearing? I think Mr. Soros has hit on something.
     -- Lila, Jacksonville, FL     
    Pure, undiluted bullshit.
     -- Devon, Edmonton, Ab     
    Lila, The poor are getting poorer because they have no assets and the dollars value is declining due to the Federal Reserves monopoly on money and government deficit spending. Hence the government in concert with the most powerful banks are robbing peter and Paul to buy votes and than to trick Paul into thinking he needs and wants more government. The evil part is that Paul is led into thinking that he's poor because somehow others have made him poor yet no one has ever stole from him other than the government. It seems that poor Paul keeps making the same mistakes and keeps on doing the same thing thinking this time I will be different
     -- John, Florida     
    I agree with Lila.
     -- Anonymous     
    People like George Soros have been misleading people like Lila for centuries. He is a progressive who believes that we are all too stupid to run our own lives, and that he and BO should do it for us. This quote is proof of that, because he's wrong about Capitalism, which is verifiable when you look at history and the facts, the NUMBERS. He also thinks we are so stupid that we can't figure out what he's up to. Joke is on him. Poor Lila, she has been taken in.
     -- Kris, Denver, Colorado     
    HEY, LILA! Did you know George Soros hedge fund made $2.9 Billion betting against the US economy??? Soros also said the recent economic troubles have been “the culminating point of my life’s work” — and went so far as to say “I'm having a very good crisis.” Doesn't it piss you off JUST A LITTLE that George is enjoying your pain, and MAKING MONEY OFF IT???
     -- Marie, Aurora, Colorado     
    Soros also said the recent economic troubles have been "the culminating point of my life's work" -- and went so far as to say "I'm having a very good crisis." He made almost $3B from the economic collapse. This guy is scary, but what's even scarier is that there are a whole bunch of them running this country, because some uninformed people voted them in.
     -- Johnson, Denver, CO     
    BS. He is an elitist who wants power for guys like himself.
     -- dave, MN     
    Hey George, we live in a Republic, not a Democracy!
     -- Cindy, Charlotte, NC     
    Once a facist, always a facist. The media has dropped the ball with this one, very very sad...
     -- Bob, Billings     
    George Soros pays for political power and his humanitarian efforts are a front for a much bigger more vile picture.
     -- Hugh Jass, Butte, Montana     
    George Soros will pick the next US president. You should be a little concerned.
     -- romroc, Huntington NY     
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