"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations
has been two hundred years.
These nations have progressed through this sequence:
From bondage to spiritual faith;
from spiritual faith to great courage;
from courage to liberty;
from liberty to abundance;
from abundance to selfishness;
from selfishness to complacency;
from complaceny to apathy;
from apathy to dependence;
from dependency back again into bondage."
Sir Alex Fraser Tytler
(1742-1813) Lord Woodhouselee, Scottish jurist, professor and historian
Questionable. See http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/tyler.asp
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Reader comments about this quote:
http://www.lorencollins.net/tytler.html The whole story.
 -- Anonymous, Cambridge, MA     
    This quote speaks volumes in terms of where we are as a nation of *Entitlements*, corruption and greed, ruled by a Muslim dictator.
     -- Suzy Q, Bellevue     
    A great observation. The occupying statist theocracy now infesting this land, complete with its proselyting governmental media complex, is fully engaged in pushing the patron sheeple's apathetic dependence to a masochistic bondage.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    An excellent observation. We're now somewhere between complacency and bondage...unless American Patriots fully wake up to the Globalist threat to our freedom. We can look forward to an existence (under Agenda 21) that would look very much like the feudal society depicted in the Hunger Games.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    It isn't Obama being president that is so scary, it's that we have so many people willing to elect him a second time. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me again.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    It sounds great, but it's bogus - A HOAX. See Dr. Gary North's analysis here:
    First North annihilates the authorship of the quote. Then he dispels the central theme of the quote, which is that all civilizations evolve through the same predictable sequence.
     -- Bill Fairchild, Franklin, TN     
    It does not really matter who came up with this.
    It sounds like the path of our Nation!

    From bondage to spiritual faith; = Original settlers.
    from spiritual faith to great courage; Our countries Forefathers.

    from courage to liberty; The freedom that our people have enjoyed for over 150 years.

    from liberty to abundance; The prosperity we have enjoyed since WWII.

    from abundance to selfishness; The me generations.(60s to 90s).

    from selfishness to complacency; The "Long as it doesn't effect me, I don't care." generation.

    from complaceny to apathy; The 'Who's going to take care of me? I don't have (want) a job generation.

    from apathy to dependence; The rich have to pay, they shouldn't have all the money. I need someone to help raise MY children, because I have 15 and I can't.

    from dependency back again into bondage."
    We're really close to this. Provide my healthcare; my food; my job; etc. etc. etc.......
     -- Diana, Decatur     
     -- David, Mannington      
    Diana in Decatur...that was very well analyzed and said. 5 Stars for That! :)
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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