"[O]ne who values his life and takes seriously his responsibilities to his family and community will possess and cultivate the means of fighting back, and will retaliate when threatened with death or grievous bodily injury to himself or a loved one. He will never be content to rely solely on others for his safety...."
Jeffrey R. Snyder
American attorney, author
A Nation of Cowards, 113 Pub. Interest 40, 46 (1993).
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Reader comments about this quote:
We are instictively instilled with an over powering drive for self-preservation. That is indisputably true and has been since the dawn of time. No man or government can rightfully dictate whether or not we are allowed the tools of self defense. It is a natural right and any intervention by any individual or group is not just immoral...it's criminal.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head with his report on the wackos speaking at the NRA convention: "The good, the bad and the crazy."

    These people are your leaders? They are psychotic, paranoid and delusional; and some are just plain dangerous.

    For all their faults our politicians look like shining stars compared to that assembly of nut cases. Makes me happy to be Canadian.
     -- L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada     
    L Hanson, do us a favor and stay in Canada. We already have enough nuts like you, many in our government. At least J Carlton balances things out in Canada.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    Hanson is operating under the misapprehension that "all will be well" if only we leave it to our government...
    She fails to see what is really going on out there.
    For example the recently passed Canadian Bill C37 makes the Patriot Act look like child's play....
    Hanson...you have no rights...none. Get used to it...
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Hi again Hanson. (Editor this is off topic and at your discretion)
    My mistake it's Bill C-36


    A sample of the unconstitutional restrictions included in bill C-36 include:

    - abolishing protection from trespass, a court-ordered warrant, and the need for court-supervised search and seizure;

    - on ONLY suspicion, health inspectors with the aid of police can invade any location in the country, seize and confiscate goods deemed unsafe (i.e. health supplements) and violate all constitutional rights of all parties involved

    - it bypasses existing laws on privacy and confidentiality and explicitly exempts the Minister of Health and government inspectors from any kind of third-party oversight and accountability;

    - the need to publish regulations governing the activities of the inspectors is abolished, too;

    - accused individuals have their access to the courts seriously limited, even the assumption of innocence is gone as violators are considered guilty until proven innocent with no recourse to any court of law.

    - astronomical fines are to be handed out for crimes committed on the Minister’s assumption of guilt which requires no supporting evidence for independent examination;

    - even the corporate shield would disappear, because corporate directors would be legally liable for the actions of their employees -; which actions would be deemed criminal solely on the opinion of the Minister, not by the courts;

    - this bill allows foreign governments and institutions, like CODEX and the World Trade Organization, to have the same powers over Canadians in all these matters outlined above, as if they were part of our own government.

    Still think everything is ok?
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada - I hope you remain in Canada where far too long you bowed to a Monarchy.
    Our founders risked life, limb and their fortunes to garner us a Limited Government Republic and bestow on our nation the protections of the natural born and unalienable rights of the individual.
    Thankfully, As a daughter of a Canadian born mother I know many Canadians who have far more objectivity and common sense - that you so seemingly greatly and pathetically lack.
     -- Mary - MI     
    J Carlton, Calgary - Excellent and eye opening post!
     -- Mary - MI     
    Carlton thank you, well said. The quote is right on. L. Hanson, we the free sovereigns of the de jure States united currently have neither representatives or leaders. The occupying statist theocracy now infesting this land does allow serfs, helots and otherwise slaves to elect masters in a given period but, by no stretch of the imagination can they be called leaders.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I have family and friends who are Canadian; Hanson speaks for but a few on the liberal side. Most Canadians are hard-working and self-reliant -- per capita, they have more guns than Americans with a fraction of the crime. Obviously guns are not the issue but something else. I think the quote above speaks to all responsible adults.

    The American people have been conditioned to 'war' -- our solution to every problem is to wage war on it, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on guns, the war on poverty, heck, the war on Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, you name it. Canadians do not share this mental attitude and neither do the Swiss, whose citizens also are more heavily armed than Americans. The solution to gun violence in America lies with the end of US violence and intimidation as the solution to every problem.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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