"The busybodies have begun to infect
American society with a nasty intolerance --
a zeal to police the private lives of others
and hammer them into standard forms --
A Nation of Finger Pointers."
Lance Morrow
(1939- ) American author, writer, chiefly for Time Magazine
A Nation of Finger Pointers, Time magazine, Monday, Aug. 12, 1991
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Reader comments about this quote:
Kind of stirs the blood doesn't it?
 -- Me Again, Somewhere,USA     
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    Leave people's private lives alone!
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    It becomes even more accurate if you read it without the word "private" ...
     -- Bill the Libertarian, Sarasota, FL     
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    We need to know a date when these quotes are said; especially when it's from a currently liberal publication.
     -- Bill, Corona     
    "Busybodies" is more than kind in sheltering the more accurate despots, malefactors and socialists (communist to fascist). The zealot religionists that would have the court legislate religious canons (such as a new definition of marriage) are busier than ever infecting a once free people. The occupying statist theocracy's police state governs with an iron hammer. Most legislation coming out of the 3 branches is in deed, a nasty intolerance.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Have 'begun'?! Sheesh, it began millennia ago. As for the definition of marriage, ask yourself what place does the State have in 'licensing' your marriage? Or the Church for that matter? Regulating SEX has been the task of busybodies since time began. They decide who can, who can't, with whom, how, when -- and beware breaking the 'rules,' the busybodies will throw the book at you! Permission to marry, to have sex, to work, to travel, to BREATHE (have you paid your carbon tax?) -- you don't need permission for any of these, except from those you are requesting a 'right of way' through their rightful domain. Remember that 'traditional marriage' was the transfer of property: the wife and dowry. Certainly the State and Church may bear witness to your declarations of fidelity and record the promises made. But this is far different than 'licensing' a 'union.' Of course, it is well known that the push for gay marriage is to expand the offering of government benefits to same-sex couples. Hardly a fight for human 'rights.'
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Archer, well said. concerning marriage - all individuals are religious beings, religion being innate in the specie man. In most understandings of religion, an extra human event is polarizing and distracting when defining what religion 'is' (not just what it does). While the de jure States united was to represent a limited scope of secular (non-religious topics) churches, are governments (a united body) to administer certain religious convictions. It is when the 2 governments merge with a nasty intolerance that the greatest zeal to police the private lives of others and hammer them into standard forms occurs resulting in such heinous effects. Marriage is a private religious sacrament and ordinance between individuals as defined by the centuries. When any government outside the private parties gets involved in the ordinance, freedom is lost. There is a place where third party authority is sought in religious ordinances; marriage is legitimately not one of them.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    When I think of "busybodies" , the first thing that comes to mind is the EPA.
     -- jim k, Austin     
    But, Mike, 'traditional marriage' has been under the jurisdiction of the Crown and Pope for ages -- when the Americans declared independence from the Crown, they broke the bonds of being a subject requiring 'permission' to marry (and thus permission to have sex, as sex outside of marriage was downright criminal).

    But even with American Independence, women were still considered the property of their husbands, and the marriage license continued to be a government practice. A puritanical streak still runs high in this country, and many are quick to burn at the stake those who dare to thumb their noses at social taboos.

    Marriage is a rite of passage. A wedding is a ceremony marking the joining of a couple, traditionally a man and woman. But two people do not need permission to commit themselves to each other and celebrate that union with a wedding surrounded by people who love and support them. Then of course, there is the joy of marriage itself, the benefits are too numerous to cover, but suffice it to say, a happy home is a blessing indeed.

    Keep the State and Church out of it -- they are merely laying claim to you and assume your support of their de facto authority. You don't need the Church to ask for God's blessing, nor the State for permission -- you are free and responsible.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- jim k, Austin      
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