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Lucius Annaeus Seneca Quotes 21-40 out of 117
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A golden bit does not make a better horse.
A good judge condemns wrongful acts, but does not hate them.
A great fortune is a great slavery.
A great pilot can sail even when his canvas is rent.
A great step towards independence is a good-humored stomach, one that is willing to endure rough treatment.
A large part of mankind is angry not with the sins, but with the sinners.
A quarrel is quickly settled when deserted by one party; there is no battle unless there be two.
A trifling debt makes a man your debtor; a large one makes him an enemy.
All art is but imitation of nature.
All savageness is a sign of weakness.
Although," said he [Cato], "all the world has fallen under one man's sway, although Caesar's legions guard the land, his fleets the sea, and Caesar's troops beset the city gates, yet Cato has a way of escape; with one single hand he will open a wide path to freedom. This sword, unstained and blameless even in civil war, shall at last do good and noble service: the freedom which it could not give to his country it shall give to Cato!
And yet life, Lucilius, is really a battle.
Before I became old I tried to live well; now that I am old, I shall try to die well; but dying well means dying gladly.
Besides, he who follows another not only discovers nothing but is not even investigating.
But how much more highly do I think of these men! They can do these things, but decline to do them. To whom that ever tried have these tasks proved false? To what man did they not seem easier in the doing? Our lack of confidence is not the result of difficulty. The difficulty comes from our lack of confidence.
Death is a release from and an end of all pains: beyond it our sufferings cannot extend: it restores us to the peaceful rest in which we lay before we were born. If anyone pities the dead, he ought also to pity those who have not been born. Death is neither a good nor a bad thing, for that alone which is something can be a good or a bad thing: but that which is nothing, and reduces all things to nothing, does not hand us over to either fortune, because good and bad require some material to work upon. Fortune cannot take ahold of that which Nature has let go, nor can a man be unhappy if he is nothing.
Don't ask for what you'll wish you hadn't got.
Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.
Fire tries gold, misfortune tries brave men.
For love of bustle is not industry – it is only the restlessness of a hunted mind.
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Lucius Annaeus Seneca Quotes 21-40 out of 117
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