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Quote from Jon Rappoport,

"Think about the agendas behind universal vaccination, climate change, universal psychiatric treatment, GMO food, and other 'science-based' frauds. They all imply a false collectivist model, in which individuals give up their power in exchange for 'doing good' and becoming members of the largest group in the world: 'disabled' people with needs that must be addressed and satisfied. Instead of supporting the liberation of the individual, the controllers want to squash it. Why? Because they fear individual power. It is forever the unpredictable wild card. They want a society in which every thought an individual thinks connects him to a greater whole---and if that sounds attractive, understand that this Whole is a fiction, intentionally faked to resemble a genuine oceanic feeling."


Jon Rappoport (more quotes by Jon Rappoport or books by/about Jon Rappoport)

American author, investigative reporter, writer


introduction to 'The Matrix Revealed,' by Jon Rappoport


Collectivism, Power, Statism, Health, Integrity, Psycho-politics, GMO, Fraud, Control, Self-Determination, Society, Deception


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