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Quote from Roger Pilon,

"Over the 20th century, the federal government has assumed a vast and unprecedented set of powers. Not only has the exercise of those powers upset the balance between federal and state governments; run roughshod over individuals, families, and firms; and reduced economic opportunity for all; but most of what the federal government does today -- to put the point as plainly and candidly as possible -- is illegitimate because done without explicit constitutional authority. The time has come to start returning power to the states and the people, to relimit federal power in our fundamental law, to restore constitutional government."


Roger Pilon (more quotes by Roger Pilon or books by/about Roger Pilon)

Vice President for Legal Affairs for the Cato Institute


Restoring Constitutional Government, Cato's Letter #9, p. 1, published by the Cato Institute (1995).


Consitution, Economics, Ethics, Government, Integrity, Power


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