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Quote from Donald S. McAlvaney,

"Switzerland, on the other hand, insists that every male of military age must keep a powerful, fully automatic assault rifle in his home. Every home must be armed -- by law -- and some even keep mortars. Yet Switzerland has one of the most law-abiding citizenry, the lowest crime rate, and least violence of any country in the free world. And it has remained free for over a thousand years. Compare it to New York and Washington where handguns are completely banned. In fact, in Washington, Chief of Police Maurice Turner recently said that the District of Columbia gun ban law had completely failed, and he has called for armed citizen's police auxiliary to help restore order."


Donald S. McAlvaney (more quotes by Donald S. McAlvaney or books by/about Donald S. McAlvaney)


Toward a New World Order, 56 (2Nd Ed. 1992).


Arms, Citizenship, Crime, Law, Military, Militia, Republic, Self-Determination, Switzerland


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