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Famous Quote from Gerry Spence,

"While birds can fly, only humans can argue.
Argument is the affirmation of our being.
It is the principal instrument of human intercourse.
Without argument the species would perish.
As a subtle suggestion, it is the means by which we aid another.
As a warning, it steers us from danger.
As exposition, it teaches.
As an expression of creativity, it is the gift of ourselves.
As a protest, it struggles for justice.
As a reasoned dialogue, it resolves disputes.
As an assertion of self, it engenders respect.
As an entreaty of love, it expresses our devotion.
As a plea, it generates mercy.
As charismatic oration it moves multitudes and changes history.
We must argue -- to help, to warn, to lead, to love, to create, to learn, to enjoy justice, to be."


Gerry Spence (more quotes by Gerry Spence or books by/about Gerry Spence)

(1929 -) Lawyer and author


from his book, How To Argue And Win Every Time


Constitution, Crime, Freedom, Government, Individual Rights, Justice, Law, Morals, Rights, Society, Tolerance, Truth, Liberty, Civil Rights


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