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Quote from William Langer,

"Having so pledged myself, and having been elected to my senatorship upon such pledge, and not having been elected to create an organization to which we would give a promise, either express or implied, that it would have the authority to send our boys all over the Earth, I cannot support the Charter. I believe it is fraught with danger to the American people and to American institutions."


William Langer (more quotes by William Langer or books by/about William Langer)

(1886-1959), Governor of North Dakota (1933-34, 1937-39), US Senator (R-ND, 1940-59), one of only two Senators who voted against the United Nations Charter in 1945


Statement to the US Senate - Congressional Record August, 1945


America, Constitution, Executive Orders, Military, Militia, President, UN, War


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