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Quote from William Van Alstyne,

The difference between [people who take civil liberties seriously] and others ... is that such serious people begin with a constitutional understanding that declines to trivialize the Second Amendment or the Fourteenth Amendment, just as they likewise decline to trivialize any other right expressly identified elsewhere in the Bill of Rights. It is difficult to see why they are less than entirely right in this unremarkable view. That it has taken the NRA to speak for them, with respect to the Second Amendment, moreover, is merely interesting -- perhaps far more as a comment on others, however, than on the NRA.


William Van Alstyne (more quotes by William Van Alstyne or books by/about William Van Alstyne)

Professor at Duke University School of Law, served on National Board of the ACLU


The Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Arms, 43 DUKE L. J. 1236, 1254 (1994)


Constitution, Integrity, Arms, Vigilance


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