"The best argument against democracy is
a five-minute conversation with the average voter."
Sir Winston Churchill
(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945, 1951-1955)
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- j. stauffer, akron      
What more needs to be said.
 -- D. Williams, Carmel, IN     
    I concur. I believe I'm above average ... but, doesn't everyone believe they are too?
     -- Joel, Rochester, MI     
     -- Anonymous, reston, VA US      
     -- Anonymous      
    Duh, what's the question again?
     -- G.W.D., Canada     
    Dam true, look at america today! hicks incharge
     -- G W Bush, W D C     
    Truer words have never been said.
     -- Devon, Edmonton, AB     
    I dont get it and want to know what it means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     -- Ekoorb, Dorkfish     
     -- Anonymous      
    The best quote ever about elections. How do you think George W Bush got elected.
     -- Skyhawk     
    It is a biggest fallacy to assume people know what they are doing.
     -- Steven, Maryland, United States     
    It's funny because it's true... sad.
     -- Anonymous     
  • 1
    Which is why we should teach our prospective voters (students) to THINK instead of just memorize information and use it to fill in bubbles on scantrons. Duh!
     -- Anonymous     
    Just go out and talk to anyone about our nation and its history, most don't know a damn thing. It's our inability to to understand our past that keeps our future in jeopardy. Lest everyone forget that we broke from England so that we were not run by government and taxation without representation.
     -- Dennis, Harrisville, UT     
  • 1
    This is a great quote, and I’ll give it 5 stars, but Churchill also said, “… democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”. I’ll go with the “Wisdom of the Crowd” over the wisdom of tyrants, kings, or philosophers.
     -- Low On Prozac, Baton Rouge, La.     
    I don't like africans
     -- Gary Neville, Manchester     
    Oh come on Skyhawk! Are you implying that Gore had a brain? Bush was proof twice that the voters in this country have at least some sense on occasion. And compared to what came just before and after him he seems to be a genius.
     -- warren, olathe     
    Everyone thinks they're above average. It just can't be so.
     -- anonymous     
    I don't like Gary Neville.
     -- anonymous     
    Hey Skyhawk - How do you think Barack Obama got elected???
    Oh, and Gary Neville ... I don't like numbskull racists like you.
     -- Mary - MI     
    Right now I believe Ted Cruz to be the greatest, but will still have my doubts.
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
    Indeed! ;-) Which is why not everything can be up for vote.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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     -- Mike, Norwalk      
     -- Mary, MI      
     -- jim k, Austin      
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