"Today in the United States, the corporate – or ‘mainstream’ – press is massively consolidated. And it has become remarkably monolithic in viewpoint, at the same time that an increasing number of journalists see themselves less as objective reporters of the facts, and more as agents of change."
William Barr
(1950-) US Attorney General
2020 National Religious Broadcasters Convention, 2/26/2020
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I'm not quite sure how to rate this. Absolutely accurate in its depiction of the now ecclesiastical propagators but really, Really, REALLY SAD in the loss of intelligence, truth, facts, rights, liberty and prosperity.

 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    This sums it up.
     -- jim k, Austin     
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    It's the same as it's ever been, only more blatant now.  When routing out the devil expect a lot of thrashing about, foul mouths, and dirty tricks.  The Ministry of Propaganda is a big business  as long as there is an audience and a megaphone to reach them.  Turn it off, and the conflict ends.  24/7 fear-mongering is their bread and butter.  If there is peace and prosperity, their local governments release violent prisoners from jail, tell cops to stand down, don't arrest or charge anyone with a crime, no bail, order all for-profit businesses shut-down indefinitely, empty the streets then promote burning them to the ground in the name of BLM 'protest'. 

    Hatred and hypocrisy abounds  that is the goal, to divide the People, not unite them.  This is the mass psychology perfected by Nazis and Marxists, a classic playbook for totalitarian insurgency.  And now we have the mayors of NYC, Chicago, DC, Portland, and others encouraging the continuation of riots while ordering the police to stand down if not disband altogether.  This is sedition! 

    The Swamp can't be drained if the citizens let their mayors and city councils assume authority they do not have while not performing their chartered duties.  The quiet coup is quiet no longer!  The insurgents are right in front of our noses, and they don't even care any more who knows it.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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