"Hurray! Congress is to adjourn!
Only four more days of Congressional burglary on the Treasury!"
Will Rogers
(1879-1935) American humorist
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 -- Mike, Norwalk      
He was a great chronicler of his time and a seer into the future. The 20 years of Reaganism/Bushism has bankrupted this government and is lining the pockets of the wealthy with 4-5% interest on the 10 trillion dollars of debt that they own in the form of US Treasury Bonds. It is a good deal for the Republicans though for then the wealthy contribute substantial sums back to the party. In effect the Republican party is robbing the Treasury and the American people. Follow the money, And the current crop of Republican pretenders to the throne our running on a platform of tax cuts. They have absoutely no shame and no remorse about ripping off the nation and its toiling masses.
 -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    The American Republic has devolved into a thieving mass of dependent serfs with Republicans and Democrats alike raiding not only the Treasury of every dime but from posterity as well since Congress spends much more money than it brings in every year (hence the unpayable debt). The private Federal Reserve is the one who rakes in the interest -- the corporate/military/industrial complex gets the lion's share of what Congress 'borrows'.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Maybe we should name a holiday for the time they are not in session.
     -- Judith, Corrales, NM     
     -- warren, olathe      
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