"Moral indignation is in most cases
2% moral, 48% indignation and 50% envy."
Vittorio de Sica
(1901-1974) Italian film director
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Reader comments about this quote:
What a load of crap, posting this nonsense elitist line of dog poo poo in the middle of Occupy Wall Street protests. It's more and more obvious this mailing list is controlled by Koch wh*res with each mailing. The massive indignation against murderous billionaires that exists presently is not based on envy. Nobody wants billions. People would rather have good friends, good food and a ball to play with, than your billionaire fake friends, yachts, mansions, ferrari's all that bullshit which distracts you while your death is planned by the Trillionaire Emperor. It's not envy that has swelled indignation, it's mass murder, that the billionaires are starving people literally to death, exposing them to unemployment, life without health insurance, massive environmental devastation, THOSE are THE REASONs people are indignant of the present financial dominant. This elitist propaganda you're pushing is garbage, not quotes to live by for freedom, not libertyquotes but garbage quotes, generated by a garbage minded elitist long since dead and rotted out of existence.
 -- DanielVincentKelleyOnYoutube, Newport Vermont     
    Daniel, you clicked twice and sent two loads of crap, try to hold it to one hereafter, please. The people in this Occupy revolt are mainly Commies, Socialists, and nit brains who have no idea what is going on.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    Says you Austin Jim, about commies and nit wits. You're entirely wrong in your every regard. The airline pilots were at Occupy Wall Street. US Marines were at occupy wall street. Labor unions have signed onto Occupy Wall Street. It's a regular main street parade at Occupy Wall Street, 20,000 activists of every persuasion. You're the nit wit believing Fox news about what's "going on" as you like to presume you know. How many nuclear melt downs are active right now? Mr. "Knows what's going on". What's the #1 cause of death in the US? How bout #'s 2 and 3, cause of death? Even knowing the answer to all those questions doesn't certify your knowing what's going on, but just those 3 questions and I'm sure you've already failed to establish you know what's going on. So, apparently, you're worse off than any wall street protester, as you're trapped in believing you know what's going on when you don't even know what's killing you quick.
     -- DanielVincentKelleyOnYoutube, Newport Vermont     
    Daniel, surely you aren't trying to bolster your argument my saying that labor unions have "signed on". They use thugs and goons to bolster their positions. I won't comment further as it is silly arguing with a nit. It's like trying to teach a pig to whistle, it's impossible and annoys the pig.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    I would ask that posters please stay on point. These are supposed to be comments about the quotes, not verbal attacks upon other posters. If you have got a point to make, then make it. Putting opposing opinions into another's 'mouth' does not make a good argument -- it is merely argumentative and reveals the biases and prejudices of the speaker. By the way, this quote was not in response to the Occupy Wall Streeters. Moral indignation can be found on the right and the left, and there seems to be plenty of it to go around these days. Cheers.
     -- Editor, Liberty Quotes     
    (-; I like it alot - very accurate ! ;-) Daniel, if you are an example of the "Occupyers" jim is extremely accurate. Wall Street as your focus is only an active arm of your seemingly beloved statist theocracy (infesting this land with its religionist dogmas of socialism - socialism is the problem, not the billionaires or Wall Street) Your entire rant and level of enraged ire is mis-directed (a terse example: who is 'Occupying' Soros' or the Minorty Speaker of the House's homes - their activities in your loved statist theocracy are the root and direct cause of your animation.) History is replete with attempts to share the wealth by killing the wealthy (Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, etc. for example; - The more Russia and China turn to to free market economics, the higher the standard of living is growing for all. Yes there are still slavery pains associated with your beloved socialism there, but things are improving) Do you think the economy is bad or, a lack of insurance is because of Billionaires, if so, you are very mistaken, its the government;s interference that has caused the problems. In fact, it is government meddling with insurance that causes medical costs to be so high. The 'Occupiers' are yelling at the symptom, the cause is just laughing at, and using you. Your mis-directed, mis-informed, substantiveless, and emotional rant proves out the quote's broader understanding.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Funny, when I read this quote I thought of the religious right not the Wall Street protesters. Being in NYC I can say that this is a sign that the American people are ALL pissed off, on the right and the left. What I fail to understand, though, is that the socialist crowd ignores the fact that Obama is Wall Street's guy. His cabinet are all Wall Streeters -- Goldman Sachs is particularly well represented. And while most of the citizens have been on the losing end of the stick these last 3 years, the richest Democrat members of Congress are heavily invested in Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks and their net worth has steadily risen over the last few years. Obama IS the banker's choice, donating nearly twice as much to Obama's campaign than they have ever given to any candidate in history. Frankly it astounds me. Whenever I see these protesters downtown I remind them that the grand-daddy Wall Street bank is the Federal Reserve Bank and to focus the chants over there. The Occupy Wall Street crowd is popular with the Communists (their signs can be seen all over the place) and labor unions. Does anyone doubt the connection? Does anyone remember the fallen USSR and the rotten 75 years its citizens had to endure? Why is the media so supportive of these guys and yet treat the red-white-and-blue Tea Partiers with such disdain? I have never seen the lines drawn so clearly. People know something is wrong and that following the money trail leads to Wall Street -- unfortunately they are hacking at the branches instead of the root. END THE FED. There is your source. And there are plenty of people downtown that are learning about it. Obama is going to have a tough time vilifying the very folks that funded his rise to the White House -- but then communists and labor unions are only interested in getting 'their fair share' of the fruits of OUR labors. Absolute hypocrisy seems to be the platform of the left.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    As an Occupy Wallstreeter here in the Palm Springs area where the difference between the rich and the rest of us is glaring, I see the point about Soros, and Koch brothers both of whom change the laws in OUR REPUBLIC (not democracy!)to suit their PERSONAL agenda, and my aim is to rid America of the likes of both robber barons! They have bought and sold The Peoples' representatives, and changed the laws of this Republic for their personal GAIN......anyone who thinks it is okay for any ONE to own 70 % of America is A COMMIE! We are actually a Plutocracy in practice, here in America(socialism for the top 1 %, and capitalism for the 99 %) 50 people in America RUNS America regardless of which pony show (party) is on stage (in office). America is owned by The People (I realize that isn't the case anymore, but soon it will be again), and FYI.......everyone on this post is the 99 %, and always will be, since the billionaires club is a closed club, and like George Carlin said, "you ain't included, and you never will be!" AND guess what? Yes, we all would like a fair chance to play in a NON-RIGGED GAME! Yes, we all would LOVE to send our kids to college! Yes, we would all love to eat pure NON GMOed food that costs 5 times as much as Monsanto's poison slop! Yes, we would all love to have a big fat checking account handed to us at birth to pay for silly things like electricity and rent, and goofy things like shoes without having to leave home for 3 jobs that barely pay for it! I know, I know, you'll call ME a socialist....I DON'T CARE! I am used to dealing with mean republicans that attack as their FIRST resonse! I agree with Daniel on this one.......and YOU all proved my point with your attacks that followed Daniels comment! Anyone who works like I do, could NEVER be a socialist......the RICH are the socialists recieveing 90 BILLION A YEAR IN RND, and about the SAME AMOUNT IN "FOREIGN AID".....hahahahaha, ALL the money goes to the mutinational and large corporations! NOT you or me, or to help the poor, like the LIARS claim! Lets at least call it what it is! If you cannot let someone else have their opinion, what makes you think you are allowed one? AND these are ALL opinions, I saw NO facts presented. We (the 99 %, minus the duped repubs that defend the robberbarons til their death on the streeets (oh, wait, all my repub friends are ALL on SS, medicare, and about 14 other LIBERAL programs the dems voted in, having their babies on the DOLE, food stamps, and on and on and on, all the while screaming at the dems for ruining our country! The duped have HUGE MOUTHS and are mean besides!) We are sick and tired of the back and forth bullshit that goes on between parties! I don't give a bloody hell about party lines, and I will NEVER fall in line for anyone! EVER! Attack all you want, and the only thing you'll get is NO ONE wanting to comment or sign up for your liberty site! I bet PRVITIZATION is your answer? another hahahaha.....the world bank and the IMF have destroyed this world with American imperialism & privitization, and incuring debt (to be paid back by the people, and to be GIVEN to the multinational corps that are RAPING our world) But what I have found is that most people with gross excess are going to fall hard when this ship goes down, and it will if we don't elect a Ron Paul or someone who speaks the truth, and follows through! I will survive as I'm not that far from living off the grid, and eating lizards....I am well prepared....the rich need someone to wipe their asses, so when (not if) they fall from their ivory tower, down to the grass where all of us lunatics are, they will be in for a rude awakening, but we will welcome them with open arms, unlike they have done with us using their "trickle down theory" that is leading to the revolt of the 99! We hold ALL of the power, the 1 % knows it, we know it, and earth knows it.....mathmatics doesn't lie (a chimp with a calculator can figure out this equation).....We The People are THE ONES with ALL the power! The Oath-keepers (although they are mostly repubs) will defend The People, and not our ruthless dictators, so The Peoples' military isn't going to help the robber-barons and their pawns like they think! The playing feild WILL BE LEVELED! That seed has been planted, and no BIG-FOOT on earth has the power to smash it this time! Yippy to that! GREED IS DEAD! LONG LIVE FREEDOM!
     -- Krista, Palm Springs     
    Krista, WHAT ? ? ? some of what you said was coherent. By what morality, lawful nexus, or justice does anyone (poor or otherwise) condone larceny (of any one, who is morally or lawfully authorized to say how much is too much for someone else? Who is the god that authorized such? By what mathmatical equation is that magical line drawn? By what natural law is any one person made the standard for what anyone / everyone else should be measured to - as to their needs, wants, should haves, etc.?) ? The Billionaire / Trillionaire has just as much right to his as you do to yours, or anyone else has to theirs. A moral and just people would be indignant at the system that allows my swinging fist to not end at your nose. If the Billionaire swings too far, he should be prosecuted at law - with a just result. (this is no longer a government of law but rather a despotic government of men) It is the socialist system that is corrupt. Currently, it is the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land that should be occupied (not the soar but rather, the cause of the infection). Archer above gave a good relationship between the governemnt and their puppets - Wall Street. You may not have been around long enough to read my story here but, well over 35 years ago my young family didn't have as much as a car to sleep in. Food was scarce and often not in sufficient supply. I, nor my family would take one morsel or penny from government (to do so would be in collusion with the larceny). My wife took care of the family while I found work and started my own business (no credit, no wheels, just my determination) We made it, even after all the competition, government anti-business rules and other hostile practices, and the banks antagonistic policies - especially that of only lending money when you don't need it, did to thwart my efforts. My children have started college at age 15 and all are doing well. I will match the number of dollars and hours with anyone on this site to how much is given to charity and others well being. I have plants on both costs and in the middle, make the best widgets in the industry, pay the highest wages, have the best insurance and am still struggling to stay afloat with all the anti-business that spews from the government. Its not Wall Street, per se, but rather their big brother handlers, the government. The only logical conclusion to those that would have the innocent injured just to punish a perceived successful boogy man is to give creedence to the quote's "envy"
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Also, what I'm saying is (especially about the Occupyers). Instead of the empty boo hoo somebody has more than me, I think I'll destroy what everybody has moral indignation, get out and get creative, become enterprising, create wealth and jobs for others, be charitable. Stay away from credit as much as possible (especially bank credit) - its a whole new brain process but it can be done. I know its easier to simply occupy space and destroy but real joy comes from creating.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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