"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion
of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished
period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers
(adminstrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan
of reducing us to slavery."
Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- dragonswizardz      
So very timely as Obama assumes office in two weeks. America needs a reboot!
 -- Spence, Anchorage     
    And the tyranny of American citizens is quickening at lightening speed under the Obama nation. Thomas Jefferson, I implore you to visit your wisdom on the nation's citizens and leadership today! We are sinking fast into oppression; the economy is rapidly plunging us into catastrophic destruction, aided by our elected leaders in 2009! Our security and safety has been compromised due to the ignorance of American citizens and lack of responsible leadership in both parties!
     -- Nancy, Marion     
    Obama, Pelosi, do you hear? You may think we are mushrooms, to be kept in dark and fed manure, however, we are not and we see what's been gradually happening for years and now happening at lightening speed. I guarantee, Americans simply will not tolerate it. And thank you, Obama & Pelosi, for waking so many citizens up.
     -- Nathan, Columbus     
    It really amazes me to think that the founding fathers actually knew that we would travel down this road.
     -- Will, Oklahoma City     
    Excepting a few people like Ron Paul, where the hell are people like Jefferson when we need them now! I hope people will wake up and vote the bums out as soon as they get a chance, and I would implore everybody to put some thoughts into TERM LIMITS for Congress, stop these people getting entrenched, but also realize that the real control comes from bodies such as the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). As JFK mentioned before they killed him, "the men behind the curtain." Come on folks, let's make America the shining beacon of light to the rest of the world that our country was born to be.
     -- David Anton, Riverside     
    The display of "don't tread on me", flags at teaparty events seems to indicate many are mindful of the attitudes of colonials just before the first war for independance, are we at that point again?
     -- tony, newport     
    And what has Obama done to bring about Tyranny? He lent money to banks, which have repaid the US with interest; he lent money to GM which kept in Business and now GM has repaid the money with interest. He has worked hard to keep American in their jobs and keep our teetering economy from collapsing under the systematic oppressions of George Bush.
     -- Paul, Slingerlands     
    Hey - where's Waffler's critical, negative socialist commentary? I guess he doesn't want to be seen throwing brick-bats at Thomas Jefferson Hear, hear David Anton!!!!! :)
     -- Mary - MI     
    WOW ! ! ! This sounds like some brilliant and very observant guy said this yesterday. ;-) Paul, I'm sorry, how long have you been suffering from your seemingly liberal / stupid / lying / delusional disease ? If you really believe what you wrote, I have some solar panels out of California I would like to sell you. You need to go to a news source outside MSNBC. Mr Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin pulled off so many criminal acts to make the union, management, (the now schizophrenic / tyrannical union argues with itself for the worker). He showed his criminal / tyrannical side by eliminating secured bond holders in the illegal process, all while making government motors a declining entity. The privately purchased Chrysler is doing well and paid back its entire loan. Government Motors is doing poorly and only made some payments. I could go on if that's the only tyranny you would like to know about.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
     -- Jeff Stewart, Auburn, WA      
    Paul, are you aware of all the why's so many companies (jobs) are either being eliminated or going over seas - its Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin and his applied tyranny (unconstitutional actions and regulation - overly and hidden taxes - applied anti business policy - inflamed class warfare - unprecedented inflation, etc., etc., etc.) I haven't seen where all the foreign borrowers from US banks have paid back anything (as they were recipients to at least a trillion dollars from the tyrannical Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin's tyrannical / unconstitutional / Keynesian economics (tyrannical by definition and design) money give away). If Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin had acted lawfully within the confines of the Constitution, business would have taken care of itself at law and the US wouldn't be in the economic disaster that it finds itself in now. Bush didn't care about that damn piece of paper either but his unconstitutional actions were in a different direction, and concerning the economic welfare of the nation, he did not measure up to Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin's destructive activities
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Will, from Ok, yes sir, they looked back in time, they looked foward in time, and with great wisdom, they drafted the Constitution. You short staement, said much. Yes sir, our ONLY hope lies in the CVonstitution, NOW, the old ones left you this RESPONSIBILTY. And it will take geart bravery, BUT KNOW this, we outnumber them a million to one. Somehow, someway, we must return to the Constuitution without violence if possible. The second amendment, is in place, for a reason. I dont have much longer on this earth now, sons of America, NEVER forget, the sacrifices made, to make this land what it is. remeber, it is INTENTIONAL they are doing this, and once ya know ur enemies game book, ya can beat um. Stay strong, hard, wise, listen not to the counsel of those who seek to take our highest law. By the way, many of us are so proud of Oklahoma, and the recent laws enacted, many states are to follow, there IS a light at the end f the tunnel, and NOPE, its not a train. God bless all. WE THE PEOPLE CAN di this!! Likeso many have said, TY mr. nobama, for waking them up, for you have stirred the hearts of the true Americans, and they are against your plans, [well, those ya work for] For , nobama, is nothing more, than a puppet, doing the bidding of.....Mike knws, archer knows..many know.we wait. We watch, we are law abiding men, and we see waht is happenning, all is not lost, on the contrary, from time to time, the blood of patriots must be shed, to ensure freedom. This is not a call to arms, that has already happened, its the waiting that is getting to many. Hold fast, make no mistakes, and know, we ARE the majority.God Bless America, land, that i love, stand beside her, and guide her.
     -- Kimo, USA     
    Paul, respectfully, do not drink the coolaide. It is poison. LISTEN and learn from men Like Mike, Archer, they speak the truth.that is what you want right?? the truth...well, your on a site, where it is told. We know all thse things friend [notice i say friend?] it goes WAY deeper than that sir. Its ok, not to know, but once you have been shown, and it prooved to you, there are no more excuses, at that point, youHAVE to pick a side. Yes, you can run, but, what is happening this time, you cant hide from. No hate Paul, to you, we only are trying to SHOW the truth. And it, WILL set ya free. Pick the winning side Paul. We are now, living in a world, that soon, all will be forced to take a side, there will be NO middle ground. Peace, or war, in reality, one needs the other . It is not even over, it has only begun. The time which men seek death, pray for God to take them, is ALREADY here. Look at the timelines of history.and the true history of this nation, the USA. True freedom, has a price, it is the law of nature.If i did not respect you, and care, i would not say anything to you. We stand for FREEDOM< REAL freedom. And, the key, to that freedom, is already written down, in the constitution. It is as perfect as it can get bro, unfortunatally, life is hard.
     -- Kimo, USA     
    Ever since the private Federal Reserve Bank received the monopoly power to create money in which to buy government treasury bonds (t-bills), the Fed has used is massive power to control every aspect of commerce and government. Since then, every president has been a tool for the furthering of the banker's hold upon the nation and ultimately the world. Political parties are just a diversion -- they are all indirectly working for the globalist bankers who are getting away with MURDERING hundred of millions of people world wide -- perhaps even in the billions. The result of 'deficit spending' is that the banks create whatever money the government wants (out of thin air, mind you) and wages war on remaining nations who have not yet buckled under their power. And the media have all been bought and paid for. Never was it more obvious -- just look at how Ron Paul is continuously ignored despite his massive following -- and the press keeps trying to put the focus on new GOP contenders that in fact have no interest in running. This quote is as true today as it was in the days of the British monarchs. We are well over due for that 20 year rebellion Jefferson advocated...
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    I think Paul is an Idiot, or drank a lot of Obama-aid
     -- Victor- D, Oliver Springs     
    Victor...people like Paul are all too ready to believe whatever they're told. An intelligent person would ask...what the hell is the government doing bailing out anything, and where do they get the money to do it? But then again, intelligent people already know the answers...
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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