"Our ultimate freedom
is the right and power to decide
how anybody or anything
outside of ourselves will affect us."
Steven R. Covey
American author
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Reader comments about this quote:
Given the reactionary violent tendecies of "authorities" to suppress many recent _legal_ demonstrations, I can only wish that this statement were true. However, a good friend of mine who is a law enforcement officer says the "worst is yet to come."
 -- daigu, milpitas, ca.     
    Its also important to remember the 100,000 humans who died from sanctions in Iraq before the "war" and the more than 100,000 who have died since on any particular side. There have also been 15 innocent people killed for no apparent reason in this area in the last 2 weeks. They certainly did not have any opportunity to decide how external actions initiated by others were going to affect them. Therefore, the statement is obviously nonsense.
     -- lee, levittown, pa.     
    This is so true. We don't realize the true power we have over ourselves, which is to choose our own attitudes and beliefs. We'd be better off if we practiced it. Thank you for this.
     -- Marilyn, Toronto     
     -- Anonymous      
    Steven Covey is a man of honor and insight.His words are true and Truth ultimately touches everyone.
     -- KS, Queensbury,NY.     
     -- Bob, New York      
    Bob from NY - do you think it's possible he chose that word on purpose? If something Effects me, it motivates me, drives me to some action. If something Affects me, it happens without my input or control. Given this interpretation, I think it is a very wise statement....
     -- Bob, Reston, VA     
    Okay guys - If something is going to have an adverse effect on me, I shall do my best to affect the opposite effect. So, if I wish to be an effective writer or critic, should I try to avoid an affective attitude? Or should I be affectionate?
     -- John-Douglas, Nassau     
    Everyone can make a choice on how to react to situations and people.
     -- Laura, Fort Myers     
    This applies to that space between stimulus and response...that moment in time when we decide how to respond to stimulus. Our decision during that moment is the determining factor in whether or not we will be happy or not.
     -- Scott, Vero Beach, FL     
     -- Anonymous      
    Easier said than done!
     -- Aishwarya, Nashville,TN     
    OK, I like the spin though, I would rather act at liberty, than respond to being acted upon. Walking in the 'I am', I am pursuing how to be myself without outside affects. As much as outside affects are a great teaching tool (from the outside in), I choose to be love, truth, faith, charity, lawful, etc. (from the inside out), regardless of outside affects. I think the statement defines freedom at form rather than ultimate freedom.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    ... at one time there was an expression: "self-control." I never was very good at it ... oh, the "self" wasn't difficult, but "control" ? Uh-uh ! I too often became my 2-year-old self, stomped my 2-year-old-foot and exclaimed, "I can do it if I want to! -- OR -- " I don't have to if I don't want to !"
    Ah, a 2-year old's self-governing. Will we ever grow up ?
     -- Bob, Charlotte, VT     
    Most people become adults and do not behave like 2 year olds thus have chosen tto embrace the liberty to be lawful, loving, ethical, faithful, and honorable...it is more than self control that makes one an adult, it is self responsibility, self reliability, self sufficiency, and self respect. Sadly, little of those characteristics are seen in society today because msm and education has been busy telling everyone 'if it feels good do it' and have been censoring words and behaviors to lead America down the path of total destruction. Seems to be working too...we are like little registered (Americans are on every gov list and one's life is no secret) Beagles. Members of society are logged in, kept track of, educated, housed, fed, and medicated, contained. People work for this master, and the master allows members of society to believe they are free.
     -- Abby     
    Abby, well said. Welcome to the comments- hope to see more of you.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Abby, nails it. ;-)
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    We have this choice, but we are still heavily influenced by the cultural environment around us.
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
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