"Every time I criticize what I consider to be excesses or faults in the news business, I am accused of repression, and the leaders of various media professional groups wave the First Amendment as they denounce me. That happens to be my amendment, too. It guarantees my free speech as it does their freedom of the press… There is room for all of us – and for our divergent views – under the First Amendment."
Spiro Agnew
U. S. Vice-President
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Reader comments about this quote:
Divergent views shouldn't be part of a public news outlet. Those with talk shows are neither netruel nor should they be. It is that medium that is to report that which is (N)orth, (E)ast, (W)est and (S)outh that should be non-prejudicial. By way of example: how many times have you heard a tv reporter state that a particular person lived because he wasn't wearing a seat belt? The left's prejudicial propaganda may influence the majority of the partisans but it is done at the expense of believability and integrity. Nothing can be trusted from the media.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Agnew also said;"Don't judge us by what we say, judge us by what we do". So they did, and he had to plead nole condendere to tax evasion, resign from officem and be disbarred.
     -- Jack, Green, OH     
    Don't believe everything you read. ;-) Particularly if coming from the government or politicians.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Look, Agnew can think what he wants, he can say what he believes, but he can't inflict his personal beliefs on everyone because that would be an infringement of the First Amendment.
     -- Anonymous     
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