"What we need to do in this country is make sure the majority of the American people really want their freedoms back again, We have to have people once again believe in liberty, foreign policy that defends America, but is not the policeman of the world. We don't have the right nor the facilities to throw our weight around and tell the rest of the world how to live."
Dr. Ron Paul
(1935-) American physician, US Congressman (R-TX), US Presidential candidate
June 3, 2015, Politicking with Larry King
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Reader comments about this quote:
Right on Ron!

We should fly the "DON'T TREAD ON ME!" flag.

Mind our own business and fix our country.

Will it happen?

My guess is no.
 -- Bruski, Naples FL     
    The good Doctor has it half right (the first half ), but he makes the same mistake - and uses the same label others make and use -- "policeman of the world."
     -- Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT     
     -- jim k, Austin      
    The current support of 80% of millennials for avowed socialist candidates demonstrates the obvious corruption of what John Adams called the 'American Mind' by the Department of Education. Until the Constitution of the US and every State are amended, only a republican form of government is lawful. Socialism, and its edicts and regulations is UNLAWFUL in the USA. It is being accomplished by making people into commercial entities and thus subject to the federal regulation of commerce. This simple corruption of giving equal standing to paper and flesh has allowed GIANTS (corporations) to dominate over the common man. As well, corporations are being treated as 'persons' with 'rights' -- whereas, in the commercial jurisdiction, commercial entities have no rights, only agreed upon terms for the association. Rules set up for corporations could never be forced upon people who did not agree to them.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
  • 2
    I agree, that there is a growing and deplorable minority of brainwashed dupes who clamour for ever-more statism, and they are now vehemently advocating the anti-American communist/socialist replacement of our once-great American Liberty. I know it sounds extreme, but I say these misguided misfits are NOT Americans in any way, shape, or form! Let them move to Sweden, or EU, or any other country of their choice - these haywired idiots are crafting themselves into becoming our domestic enemies, and I fear in the very near future we may be forced to expel their anti-American politics from our Liberty-loving country.

    While I understand the wisdom and intent of the second half, and agree with Founding Fathers' admonishment to avoid unnecessary entanglements, I do not wholeheartedly subscribe to this edict in its entirety. As evil flourishes when good men stand down and do nothing, I feel U.S.A. should be a forceful advocate of Liberty, and a fearful enemy of tyranny in our world. I would want to stop short of being the global policeman, but I cannot comport standing idly by as mass genocides happen and devilish regimes run rampant. Considering all the illegal wars Uncle Sham puts "our" military through - would not its proper purpose of championing righteousness be a great way to use our ample supply of otherwise amazingly well-intentioned populace of voluntary soldiers, is this not exactly why they choose to serve? GREAT QUOTE, but I knock a couple of stars off for dereliction of Christian ideals upon which we were founded (Constitutional adherence unresolved/notwithstanding). I LOVE Dr. Ron Paul's strict adherence to Constitution and cannot argue with that, but my "Christian" side refuses to watch as tyranny runs amok - both here and abroad.
     -- Mark W., Aurora, CO     
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    Very well noted Mark ! It was never the intent of our Founding Fathers to police the world, but through separation, we, made ourselves servants to the only one true God. Considering we promote pure Liberty. Very Natural. Be ye separate and I will receive thee. Integrity, the weight of sincerity. Fullness of purpose comes regardless of curiosity to meddle in another countries politics ! True Christian standing does not straddle the fence !! Who you say you Follow, determines you participation ! Hence corruption within the " Christian church at large " socialism brought about by, doubt of ones on Liberty. Once set Free, why, entangle yourself with the yoke of bondage again ? Wait on the Lord.
     -- Ronw13, Yachats OR     
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