"The statist objective, always, is to make as many persons as possible,
as dependent as possible, on a government as big as possible."
Tracking the Budget Beast, THE NEW AMERICAN, p. 21, May 27, 1996
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Reader comments about this quote:
An astute in the obvious observation, it being exactly correct.
 -- Mike, Norwalk
The current crop of fellow travelers in DC, Pelosi,Reid, Frank, Obama, and the gang prove this quote on a daily basis.
 -- jim k, Austin,Tx
generalized Welfare must be phased out and replaced with the laws of nature. (watch the lefties go nuts on that one)
 -- J Carlton, Calgary
Wonderful quote, like Mike said--"exactly correct." So true...
 -- Jimmy, Lincoln, N
So many statists in the 20th century from Teddy and FDR, JFK, LBJ, etc.. Will this century be different?
 -- cal, lewisville, tx
Too true. Cal, the GOP represent the other side of the statist coin -- whereas the Democrats focus their despotism domestically, the GOP focus their theft on foreign countries. So the government shifts from pillaging other nations to plundering our own, back and forth the pendulum goes and there does not seem to be any check against such super power. We are given 2 choices picked out from the same fraternity of globalists while true statesmen and stateswomen are kept from public eye. When will America tire from fascism?
 -- E Archer, NYC
I must agree with Archer, We are given an either or choice, in which neither is absolutely correct and both are completely wrong. What we must do is REELECT NO ONE.
 -- Publius
Yes, just look at your birth certificate, you are made a ward of the state. When you are born you become a chattel, a commodity, only to be exploited.
If people would take time to study the life of this great American, they could gain much wisdom. In general, he has been greatly maligned for taking the position he took. He was opposed to slavery and had freed slaves inherited by him from his father. Could it be there were other reasons he stood with Virginia, the South and States Rights?
 -- Connor, Brandon, FL
My statist objective is to stop the pigs among us from destroying the planet by trashing the environment, blowing the tops off of mountains, polluting my rivers etcetera. If I must use "The State" to do it, so be it. It shall and must be done. (Connor you are talking about the wrong Lee.) The state has only come into existence out of necessity. If folk would govern themselves we would not need the state, and it would pass away. Unfortunately I do not see that happening any time soon.
 -- Waffler, Smith
Connor, you should read the real history of the people of America and you will see it not so rosy as you imagine. America was founded on genocide and that's not a good start for any nation - unfortunately this mentality pervades the very corridors of power even today. AL did not stand for the States Rights otherwise he would not have done what he did.
RBE, I believe your home country of England has their fare share of genocide on their hands. Whenever a government becomes a super power, it has done so through war and rarely ever stops warring. Indeed the indigenous tribes of the worlds have been wiped out by Europeans.
 -- E Archer, NYC
Connor....wrong Robert Lee. This was said by the author Rober W. Lee in 1996. Not the General Lee of the South. But you are correct, Robert E. Lee did oppose slavery and he did free his slaves. And yes, everyone should research the life of this great man.
 -- Publius
Waffler....Do you believe in Gore's global warming? To what extremes do you wish the government to go to "save the planet"?
 -- Publius
I don't: http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/017/300ubchn.asp?pg=1
 -- Abigail
Who is Robert W. Lee?
 -- DR, Houston
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