"One would think by listening to all the propaganda about the United Nations that they are some sort of benevolent, peaceful organization. Never in the history of the United Nations has it stood for anything but killing and violence. They have never kept peace anywhere on this globe. Their sole function is to replace the U.S. military - dissolve all four branches of our armed forces. Their allegiance is only to the United Nations Charter which does not recognize the U.S. Constitution. This body is made up almost exclusively of communists and leaders of the bloodiest regimes on this globe. Their history and operating agenda is apparent to anyone who takes the time to sincerely and with an open mind, research the facts of this organization, separating truth from myth. Bilderberger participants ( another group committed to one-world domination) in 1992 called for 'conditioning the public to accept the idea of a U.N. army that could, by force, impose its will on the internal affairs of any nation.'"
Paul Harvey
[Paul Harvey Aurandt] (1918-2009) American radio broadcaster
Sept.24, 1993
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Reader comments about this quote:
The UN has got to go.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    The lofty ideals of the UN are BS! Let the EU have the UN WE in the US have the Constitution.
     -- J Horan, Orlando     
     -- Mir, Ahmed, Avenel, NJ      
    Not only does the UN have to go so do Hillary and Barack they killing what made this country great and are continually mocking the Constitution.
     -- Ken, Spokane     
    Mr.Harvey summed the U.N.up pretty well.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
     -- Brad Clay, Castle Rock, CO      
    Paul Harvey was beyond eloquence in this statement! There is only one Presidential candidate that would make the effort to dissolve our alliance with the U.N. and that person is Ron Paul.
     -- Mary - MI     
    A great observation !
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
     -- Wally, Missoula      
     -- Jack Kilgore, Atlanta, GA      
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