"From a comparative perspective, the United States is unusual
if not unique in the lack of restraints on freedom of expression.
It is also unusual in the range and effectiveness
of methods employed to restrain freedom of thought...
Where the voice of the people is heard,
elite groups must insure their voice says the right things."
Noam Chomsky
(1928- ) American linguist and political writer
Index On Censorship, July/August 1986
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Reader comments about this quote:
The dumbing down of a once land of liberty is accurately portrayed by the quote. About "freedom of expression", abiding natural law liberty as well as honoring free speech and articulating inalienable right through action is now beginning more and more to be shackled.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    " Prior Restraint " of publishing, is alive and well ! The Establishment allows " clear and present danger " to run rampant to further their socialistic agenda.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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    Elite groups: IE: those who've taken on the mantel of self righteousness. The underlying problem that's growing is that there is little or no moral base. God, the Author of Life, morality, righteousness...is being pushed out of everyday life. Where once His principles were taught and honored as a matter of reality, now it's anything goes. Morality didn't evolve, it came from a Holy God...who is no longer honored. Scripture says plainly: "the heart is wickedly deceptive". Pride is and will be the downfall of man.
     -- Denise, Durango     
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    This, from the hypocrite who does not want individuals to accumulate wealth or pass it on to their heirs but stores his wealth off shore in the Caribbean. We can safely ignore any advice from this over educated "elite".
     -- H Rearden, Burr Ridge     
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    The powers-that-should-not-be are losing control of the narrative. The truth begs to be known. Their only defense is to counter with a flood of lies to make discernment difficult. But the Truth rings, it resonates within. This generation is in the middle of global awakening. Self-rule is becoming popular again as people are getting tired of being fed BS by their mis-managers.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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