"One of the greatest problems that we as a free people face today is that for the past 100 years trial judges in the U.S. have routinely misinformed jurors that they were bound to accept the judge's opinion of what the law is; which law to apply; and whether or not they had to find a defendant guilty. In so doing these judges have welded shut this all important safety valve, which our Founders so wisely provided our society -- and the result has been an explosive one."
Fully Informed Jury Association Activist, Summer 1995.
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Reader comments about this quote:
Too many Judges are SLAPP Judges... "Strategic Limitation Against Public Participation"... Apparently The Law is a monopoly and they like it that way.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    I have a tape recording of a federal judge demanding (under no uncertain terms with a rather demonstrative lecture why) that a jury find an individual guilty at the end of an otherwise kangaroo court. After receiving a fairy tale court transcript of the trial, we tried to have the record corrected -- only to have an appellate decision that our argument was frivolous. Misinformation to jurors is only one of the criminal activities the robed clergy reigns down on the rabble helots, serfs and slaves.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Has there ever been a trial judge that has told a jury about Jury Nullification ? I doubt it. For the younger folk on this site, Jury Nullification means that a jury can find not guilty if they think the law under which the citizen is charged, is wrong. Essentially, you can find a person not guilty regardless of the evidence and judges ain't going to mention this to any jury. Hell, most lawyers today aren't even aware of it. More's the shame.
     -- jim k, Austin,tx     
    Jim...Jury Nullification existed even when this nation was under British rule. Many of the revolutionaries were arrested and tried in court for breaking laws constructed by the crown to strengthen control over the colonies. The citizens often used jury nullification to ensure the accused was not convicted and to show their disapproval of the law. This also occured during alcohol prohibition. In fact, it happened almost 60% of the time; enough that it contributed a great deal to the repeal of prohibition. I agree that few know of this power and few, if any judge, will inform them of it.
     -- Publius     
    Actually, nullification of law by jury is as old as democracy itself from ancient Greece. The trial by a jury of one's own peers was the last check in a democracy. As rules and laws are passed by majority vote, in a trial, 12 jurors would have to unanimously convict -- if only one juror would not condem, the defendent was acquitted. This was the way the public could strike down bad laws. In fact, the end of slavery was in part aided by juries who would not convict escaped slaves. Alcohol prohibition was also defeated through the same means -- jurors would not convict violators of prohibition laws. These days, lawyers do all that they can to settle out of court -- you 'admit' your guilt and then they reduce the sentence. If you want a trial, they will throw the book at you. Victimless 'crimes' can be dealt with a fully informed jury. It is an age old 'right' that has always been part of the democratic process.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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