"Sadly today, much of the political Left has become a hate group. As a hate group, they truly believe they alone have the unique right to censor others, to defame others, even to violently attack and murder others whose speech they don’t like. This is now evident everywhere throughout Leftist culture, including in Hollywood and the Oscars. With Google clearly being run by Leftists, and Facebook run by Leftists, and most of the internet gatekeepers dominated by intolerant Leftists, the shocking realization is that none of us are safe from the hatred, intolerance and censorship of the techno-liberals who tell themselves “the ends justify the means” to silence Trump supporters and defame those who support Trump."
Mike Adams
Editor of Natural News
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Reader comments about this quote:
An extremely accurate observation and only the tip of the iceberg.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Acknowledging that all groups have bad actors, Leftists, in general, aren't a hate group, but many Trump supporters are (according to the LEGAL definitions)! Techno-Liberals have done more to cement libertarian freedoms in the current age than the patriarchal pseudo conservatives that call themselves neo-cons, or worse - the alt-right (now, there's a hate group).
     -- CarlenaW, Corvallis, OR     
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     -- Mary-MI      
     -- Mary-MI      
    Discord is never harmony. The voice of commonsense in a sea of foolish nabiyb grandee libertines, Thinking themselves free, when clothed in chains of socialism and despotism. It is sad indeed, children not knowing the difference between, Chophshiy, Eleutheria, and Apeleutheros Liberties and the personal Freedom to be exercised therein. This knowledge cemented in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America. Fiscal, Physical, and Spiritual Liberties, at you pleasure. That the Spirit of Truth resides in and declares clearly, even written in 6th grade English, these sacred truths of temporal and spiritual salvation written in stone thousands of years ago. The left so-called, relishes in licentious liberty not knowing the intended use of the Founding Fathers in braking with the then current orthodoxy ruling the throne of England. "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh," a tree is known by its fruit therefore a corrupt tree never brings forth good fruit. Hate is known of itself and praises its own. The Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Mothers and Fathers "know",(ginosko), the values of a wholesome lifestyle. The Alt-left reside in edio, leading and testing knowledge, never knowing the depth, of the water they swim in. shallow minded, ever learning but never able to come to the acknowledgement of the Truth concerning Americas Liberty and Freedom for all.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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    CarlenaW, on this blog I've written the LEGAL definition of freedom and liberty many times. Mr. Adams (not to be confused with Adam Smith) here uniquely references leftists (not traditional liberals like Jefferson, Washington, and the ilk), until he references specifically "the techno-liberals' - they generally say one thing and do another. My experience with those claiming to be techno-liberals (having at least 1 good friend - he is still trying to perfect his software to control individuals, communal abstracts, and business structure(s) in its many forms) is different than your alleged LEGAL definition. By application, techno-liberals attempt to mingle (in their perception) a more fair and kinder form of communism with words such as freedom and liberty, which they have to RE-define to blend the concepts. All the self-professed "techno-liberals" of my acquaintance want ultimate control of individuals, communal affairs and business through technology having, "the ends justify the means", and, they truly believe they alone, posessing moral authority, have the unique right to censor others, defame others, and some - even violently attack those that do not submit to their caste system of so-called freedom and liberty (anti-libertarian).

    AND by the way, neo-cons (truely a violent group, always needing a vilan to focus on), even by your reference; "patriarchal pseudo conservatives" are not Trump supporters. Maybe you can help me out; you reference "the alt-right". That is a fairly new term, can you give me a LEGAL definition or comprehensive explination of what that is or who they are?
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Sorry CarlenaW, leftists are hate mongers. Just look at what they are trying to do to president Trump. But one thing that lefties love is BIG Government and loads of taxes.
     -- Jim K, Austin     
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    I wish we would stop calling Marxists Leftists. Tell it like it is. Globalism is totalitarianism, in any form. Control of America and Americans is being taken over by globalist money printers -- they eye the world, not just the USA. Little by little, Americans have been taught to be subjects like the citizens in Europe and Asia who are ruled, who have never declared themselves free from perpetual servitude. Immigrants used to come to America to be free of state control. Now, immigrants are encouraged to come and join the welfare rolls and never assimilate into a society of free and responsible people.

    Thankfully, people are waking up and standing up!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Pride conceals a multitude of sins.

    The pride and attendant hubris of the commonly Lightless luminaries of the contemporary technocratic class, governmental and corporate, is boundless.

    Steeped, as they are, in their psychotically idealized notions of themselves, of their virtuosity and moral superiority, they have become perfect personifications of that such as they purport to oppose.

    Having been besotted by power and wealth, in the absolute absence of the tempering influence of humility, they exist in fundamental states of denial of their having become as hateful and controlling as they have become.

    Only in the nominal sense are they not authoritarians or totalitarians.

    Fascism or Communism, anyone?
     -- Patrick Henry, Red Hill     
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    Mike Adams has told it like it is. Is one truly a liberal or a proponent of freedom when he/she is filled with hatred toward anyone who disagrees with him/her?
     -- Robert Dominguez, Chula Vista     
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    If it wasn't destroying our country would be fine but as always the hateful right, the fascists the white power nationalists accuse the left of doing exactly what they do. Right wing mass murder in America Kills more people than Islamic terrorism and crazy people combined this is just a bullshit Quote
     -- Anonymous, Raleigh     
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    Mostly backwards
     -- PRP, Ga.     
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    Sure. I guess that's why Trump's FCC pick is anti-net neutrality. And the Republicans in Arizona recently tried to pass a law chilling the right of assembly (seizure of assets if a gathering ~might~ turn violent, and those in other states tried similar. And the silencing of Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor.
    It ain't one-sided, folks.
    That said, the Left is definitely has that smugger-than-thou thing down pat.
     -- Jack, Phoenix     
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    I think the Trump administration will go down as the most corrupt in history. Just look at the first 100 days and the conduct during the election. "I have no recollection of meeting with Russian officials." Wow straight out of Nixon's playbook. What I don't understand is why people reward bad behavior. Don't like a big government who takes everything from you to enrich themselves...we practically voted in someone who acts like a dictator and every bill passed so far has moved $ from the poor to the rich. I don't believe in eminent domain to steal private property from citizens for the benefit of a private company. Apparently most Americans think this is all right.
     -- Mike_LV, Las Vegas     
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    Mike Adams needs a lesson on what it is to be Left - the left that is portrayed in the media is a concerted effort to demonized the left like they did with the words Liberal and Socialism. The "leftists" as MA talks about are most definitely NOT LEFT - does he even know where the term originated? (French). The groups MA refers to are termed left by people who have little idea what it is to be left. Many of the comments above sadly fall into the same trap and follow the general confusion that MSM has created to make "Left" a dirty word. Trump is a total tool for the elite and for the corporate boardroom plutocrats - he is no different from Obama who promised everything and gave nothing. Those MA call leftists are so far from the left it's a joke - the guy definitely needs educating about left culture. Many, including some above, have been hoodwinked and brainwashed into the corporate mainstream mentality. Don't they realized they are the ones who are at the forefront of promoting fascism and widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots. America is turning into a third world country where corruption is rife in government, corporations, and our military, who by the way rules much of what the media puts out, and oversees the CIA, NSA etc., etc... The implosion is about to take place - you have one last chance of "Reason" and "Ethics" As Kant said, "The Metaphysics of Morals".
     -- robert, Somewhere in the USA     
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    While I and many, many others agree with this, it offers to liberals a smug and incorrect argument against facts. Facts hidden behind the curtains of long range final deceit. "If true, facebook would censure ALL you conservatives. And not allow any of conservative speech."
     -- Anonymous, New Milford     
    Sadly today, terms and words are most frequently bastard mental concepts stolen from and unrecognizable to parents (history). Originally, leftists were an anathema to liberty while the right were factions of liberty. Liberals were for slow change unto liberty while conservatives wanted no change from where they were. Today, the terms are unrecognizable to their origin. Liberals are leftists on the communist side of the socialist stick. Conservatives are on the right as fascists of the socialist stick; both anti liberty. Today, leftists proclaim a moralist value to their end goals while history has proven only pain, misery and hatred are associated to the entire process. The fascist right of the neocons is no better or worse than the left. 
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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     -- Al, DC      
    Spoken like a true leftist ... socialist ... liberal ... authoritarian ... collectivist ... whatever.  Where is your defense of liberty?  You have confused classic liberalism with 'social work' in which the people are the unwilling clients. 

    I do not doubt you have great ideas on how it all could be; however, you have trumped our will as a result.  How are your ideals and hopes different than a Christian congregation?  Your compassion needs an outlet, but as an atheist, you have made social justice your religion. 

    I have no more problem with that than other organized faiths, as long as you keep within your proper jurisdictions.  If you want to join a club, go ahead and agree to the terms, but you cannot force those obligations on anyone else who has not agreed.

    How about inspiring people to join rather than judge and blame?  Freedom means taking responsibility  what are you taking responsibility for?  That would be clearer.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    I'm sorry, but I have never read such much codswallop  most have no idea what they are talking about. The present demonization of the left was a well planned strategy and you all fell for it  the strategy they use on Liberals. Now the two words have been relegated to the dumpster via inane propaganda and order followers. let me remind you yet again what the left means  it came about in France where the elite sat of the right and the workers sat on the "LEFT"  The present is Faux Left (fascism) not true left. I can't believe how easy it was for MSM to fall you all. This is why I rarely comment. Please do not reply to this as I am busy rescuing the true left from fascism. You all have a good weekend! and please do your research before joining in the memes brigade... 
     -- robert, somewhere in the USA     
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    Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.....
     -- robert, somewhere in the USA     
     -- robert, somewhere in the USA      
    The shameless democrat campaign to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court comes to mind after reading this quote. Shameless is way too mild a term to describe the dems on this.
     -- jim k, Austin     
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    I AM taking responsibility for my life, I don't blame others for the quality and condition of my life, I am responsible.  And if there is a cause for which I am willing to fight, I begin by taking responsibility for the problem. 

    Robert, I know you to be a fighter, especially with regards to homosexual issues, which is a 'classic' liberal.  But the gay rights movement is more about demanding some form of benefit from the state as a 'right.'  So in that vain, the right to consensual sex has been co-opted by the 'left' to push for more government control, regulation, and entitlements.  The 'left' is notorious for claiming sexism and racism whenever one opposes their leftist policies in classic 'revolutionary' fashion.   On the merits of people's actions and ideas, there is no real debate, just accusations to demean the opposition.  No talk of constitutionality, how to pay, whether the accusations/theories are true, no investigation into the hidden sources of these parroted agendas  yes, parroted, over and over from multiple leftists, all apparently getting the same talking points.  This is the Left.  

    Robert, help me out, what are you taking responsibility for?  What will be the means for the end?  Do you consider yourself to have any 'rights' to government programs?  Do you require anything from me or society?  Cheers.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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