"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.
Neither need you do anything but be yourself."
[Li Erh] (570-490 BC) 'Old Sage', Father of Taoism
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Reader comments about this quote:
Shakespeare had his own twist: "This above all, to thine own self be true". Again, definitions matter. Can someone BE a murderer? What of a child molester? Can it be said that these people were just BEing themselves? Serial killers, what of them? They are just expressing themselves, no? Unless the terms and definitions are defined, what good is this quote? It's a philosophical twinkie.
 -- Logan, Memphis, TN     
    I'm with Logan on this one, a (-; a philosophical twinkie ;-) (you made me smile on that one)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I would say of this quote:Your duty in life is to be the most venerable person you can be.Such individuals make this earth a better place to live because they have lived.Take the challenge.
     -- Me Again     
    I agree with Logan about the twinkie part except to add that we need philosophical twinkis (if not the real kind) and poetry sometimes. They tell us things in transcendental ways that surpasses thinking and understanding. Like this one, "You are a child of the universe and you have a right to be here." Y'all have a good day.
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    I like Twinkies. This flies in the face of those who believe that we are "born in sin." The same argument can be made as Logan's when someone claims to know how to 'save you' -- to teach that we are born damned is a damnable act.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    This is beautiful...God, whats wrong with you guys
     -- RobertSRQ     
    The snow goose DOES bathe itself as any waterfowl will. If it's a good idea for a goose to bathe itself, it's probably a good idea for the rest of us to do so occasionally ourselves.
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
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