"There is never any fair and thorough discussion of heretical opinions...
The greatest harm done is to those who are not heretics, and
whose whole mental development is cramped and their reason cowed,
by the fear of heresy."
John Stuart Mill
(1806-1873) English philosopher and economist
On Liberty, 1859
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Reader comments about this quote:
I agree especially on this site which only publishes selective quotes and quotes that distort a writers full point of view. Like Jefferson recently was quoted as sympathetic to secession while he made equally powerful quotes abhoring secession. Others wish only to see comments agreeable only to their points of view. This site could be a learning place if heresy were allowed some accomodation.
 -- Waffler, Smith     
    Heresy to Pelosi and the gang, is any opposition to Obama and his socialist policies. Count me as a heretic.
     -- jim k, austin     
    Waffler, the Jefferson quote you gave contrary to secession was topic specific. The Jefferson quotes sympathetic to secession were also topic specific. (different topics / reasons) So your lack of understanding, comprehension depth, and taking the quotes out of context (trying to merge the quotes, making Jefferson schizophrenic) nullifies any meaning you are trying to exploit here - just more substantiveless statist theocracy rhetoric. jim, me too, please count me as an heretic to the statist theocracy that Obamunist, Reid, Pelosi and gang are proselytizing for.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
     -- John Scollin, NYC      
    Give me a break, the last thing Obama is is a socialist - he's as far from socialism as George Bush, Jr. (may be even further). He has taken on the mantel of corporate America - Its the Liberals that will save you from these fanatics like they have done in the past. The silent majority will be crushed as projectionism turns them into sheeple; and, the dissenters will be hunted down and put on display as terrorists. Its time you awoke from your comfort and security and start thinking for yourself.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Robert, what do you call it when he's nationalized the majority of the transportation industry of the country, a large part of the major banking and securities of the country, is trying to nationalize the medical industry of the country, is trying to nationalize the energy industry of the country? That is admittedly a more fascist approach but his brand of progressivism uses all the worst of all the collectivist isms (his actions are touted as good by most of those who claim to be liberal - what does liberal mean to you?).
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Mike, These things you mention are already in place, don't you see how you are being hoodwincked - the faux news media has certainly done a good job. We already have 120 million on governement healthcare and it was Bush who started the ball rolling on the rest especially his buddies on Wall Street. GSachs was one of Obama's biggest campaign contributors. The Private industry made a total mess hence the bail-outs. It has NOTHING to do with real socialism - this is socialism for the wealthy. So, either way the media has won you over.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Robert, you've obviously missed what I've said about Bush and even his predecessors. You have me confused with some one that believes anything that is said on TV or most talk radio. Socialism has many faces and manners of administration (communism, all forms of collectivism, democracy, fascism, progresivism, etc.). All forms thereof promote a distancing of an elite rich from the masses of powerless slaves. Most all media leans towards the communist style of socialism while FOX and a few others propagate hard core fascism (ahh yes, the all important choice to fool the very elect). By way of extremely terse illustration but, not by way of limitation: any war that the US enters into must be declared by Congress with no policing action, as is currently occurring, being allowed by the Constitution. Using corporations and private industries is a fascist form of socialism (as per Mussolini and Hitler) Both the left (communists) and right (fascists) fill the media with more often than not accurate faults of their supposed opposing nemesis. It is their propagandized rhetoric, trying to proselytize new followers with their solutions that I have a problem with. I find it equally offensive to listen to Oberman as I do Hannidy. No TV, and almost no other media offers any degree of freedom, liberty, or a constitutionally limited government as a solution to the current statist theocracy. Obomunist is accelerating what his fascist and otherwise predecessors started, while adding a bunch of his own brand of destruction, despotism and tyranny. If nationalizing industry has nothing to do with real socialism, what is your definition of socialism? You say you are liberal. Are you a 1776 liberal, or are you a 2009 liberal? Any similarities would be extremely minuscule.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    The heresy today is to talk of socialism in America. RBE says Obama "has taken on the mantel of corporate America." I'm afraid it is you that has been hoodwinked, my friend. Obama is Wall Street through and through and the very first thing he did was use government power to centralize more banking power into fewer hands. Hell, Goldman Sachs practically runs the White House, wake up. Look at Obama's staff -- where did they come from? Who did they 'used' to work for? Obama isn't socialist? Uh, what do you call government take-over of private industries? This guy is a stooge for the Federal Reserve which is now using US government power to take over banking, insurance, drugs & food, transportation, all while doubling the US debt in a single year!! Jesus Christ, are you blind, man?!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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