"Justice is incidental to law and order."
J. Edgar Hoover
former FBI director
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Reader comments about this quote:
J. Edgar Hoover couldn't even SPELL incidental.
 -- Wulf, Luer     
    I think this would lfit perfect into the mouth of Adlph Hitler or Stalin. Why was this guy J Edgar the darling of the right wing.
     -- Wafffler, Smith     
    Hitler, Stalin, J.Edger? Maybe our system of government is the only thing that prevented J. edger from becoming a dictator....
     -- Tom F., Kansas     
    The above concept can not be conceptualized in the unlawful / managed chaos system of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land at present. Order is incidental to the law of nature and nature's God while, justice then ultimately becomes incidental to law and order.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Having been denied due process in a tax case, I could see then that the goal of prosecutors is to win and if justice occurs in any criminal trial, it is incidental. The first thing a prosecutor needs in a Missouri income tax case is a copy of defendant's federal return but I was convicted with testimony that I had filed no returns for 20 years. To keep the trial going, a state auditor forged the required evidence during lunch break and he perjurered himself in saying he prepared them for me. We won a new trial on appeal that never took place because I put the forger, perjurer on my list of witnesses. They never wanted his testimony.
     -- Ben Hadagin, Sheep     
    He is and wll be in american history , the rest who cares? he was in the right place in the right moment, today it wiil be nonsense....
     -- anne marie, Yorba Linda     
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