"No man survives when freedom fails,
The best men rot in filthy jails;
And those who cried: 'Appease, Appease!'
Are hanged by men they tried to please."
Hiram Mann
[George Hiram Mann] (1872-1955) New York City self-taught attorney, took a case involving overtime payments for 1,400 Navy yard workers, settled 27 years later when Congress passed a bill authorizing $332,342.72 for the back pay.
28 March 1947, Wall Street Journal, Letters to the Editor, Hiram Mann, New York City
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Reader comments about this quote:
Some things just cannot be compromised.
 -- Dude, L.A.     
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     -- Noshad, Burnaby      
    I heard Jordan Maxwell use this quote. Wow, says so much and is so deep in so few words. One of my favorite quotes!
     -- dan francis, spokane valley     
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    Actual quote is word "escapes" not "survives."
     -- W. B. Prince, N. Myrtle Beach, SC     
     -- Cynthia, Brownsville,Tx.      
     -- donna      
     -- Anonymous      
    This poem has been in my mind since high-school (1950). I think of it often as I am watching the reality of it happening today (2012). In 1953 I offered my life to protect my country and I would do it again. What is currently happening is the slow demise of the country I love and I am helpless to do anything to save it. Our freedom is in the hands of men who are extremely selfish and greedy. WE need to make some changes; and I'm not so sure the men running for office are any different than those that are ruining our country now. God help us! Gene Scalf.
     -- Gene Scalf, Colorado Springs     
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     -- JP, Fort Lauderdale      
     -- Cheryl Ann Goad, Burns, Oregon      
    Very wise man.
     -- E.J.S., P.H. Michigan     
    I thank God every day for President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families, and all who sacrifice so much for our freedoms. May God protect and preserve them.
     -- Jose Bessa, Southampton, UK.     
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