"I would rather be right than President."
Henry Clay
(1777-1852) U. S. Senator, Speaker of the House of Representatives
speech, 1850
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Reader comments about this quote:
OK, there is one moral outcry. Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin would not only disagree with the quote he would probably say something to the effect (-; in private of course ;-) I would rather be a lying Keynesian socialist, holding the office of president, so that I might bring about maximum destruction upon a once land of the free and home of the brave rather than being free at law.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    No one gets elected to high office without having to put on a big act for the masses. How else would a black (actually a mullato), gay, muslim, marxist be elected President of the USA? It just goes to show how little power the People really have. Chances are that if you are right, you are not a politician and have no chance of ever being one. ;-)
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Principle over power

     -- Al, DC     
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    Humility before honor, honor before fraud. Fail with honor rather than succeed through fraud. 
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
     -- jim k, Austin      
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