"The greater the mental charlatan, the more definite his insistence on the wickedness and weaknesses of human nature. Yet how can anyone speak of it today, with every soul in a prison, with every heart fettered, wounded, and maimed?... With human nature caged in a narrow space, whipped daily into submission, how can we speak of its potentialities?"
Emma Goldman
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Reader comments about this quote:
love this woman... so inspirational
 -- Anonymous     
     -- Phil DaPayn      
    The way to speak of its potentialities is to live them, with every thought and deed that can be mustered at that paritcular time.
     -- Anon     
    Assuming this was written sometime in the early 1900's I just say thankfully we are no longer in the times of which she speaks.
     -- Waffler, Smith     
    We are in this situation now, those who think we are not, have not lived truly free. There may not be all souls in physical prison, but in prison all are. truth is the greatest light. As our world now becomes overpoulated, and our American way of life seems to be in peril, those in the know ponder the close future. back on the subject, people, you are all slaves in one way or anonher, everyone has to searve someone. And who do YOU serve? And what do the vast majority beleive in these days/ i myself wish i would have never embarked on the quest for wisdom, for i have gained it, only to find the reality in which we all live. reality is a harsh thing. Still proud to be a true american, and one of the last, that knows true history, and will not sell his soul for lies.
     -- Kimo, lahiana     
    A real accurate depiction of today's dilemmas. I agree with Kimo, those that can not comprehend the quote's transposed situational expose' over today's times, do not understand freedom and have not lived truly free.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    It seems we are willing to fund government through economic slavery. Sadly this form of government has evolved into and addicted parasite, never satisfied. Left in it's present form It will eventually kill us and our way of life.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    As history repeats we see ourselves once again in this place.
     -- Abigail, Newport     
    Anarchisum , born out of oppression under a corperated, moraless state. Wishing to return value to the laborer and land owner. Mutualisum anarchy. Individualism within the republic with mutualisum is a good thing. To see the oppression of the poor and needy makes a wise man mad. KJ.
     -- Ron, Salem     
     -- Justin, Elkland      
    HOW DARE YOU! How DARE you allow this pro-abortion abomination be quoted! Don't you DARE challenge me! God's JUDGEMENT comes soon.
     -- God's JUDGEMENT comes soon, Holy Faith     
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