"You can only protect your liberties in this world
by protecting the other man's freedom.
You can only be free if I am free."
Address to the Court, The Communist Trial, People v. Lloyd, 1920
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 -- Anonymous      
Limiting the quote's scope to man's administration of law, order and justice ABSOLUTELY ! ! !
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I nearly misinterpreted, thereby missing, this one:

    Mr. Darrow has already phrased what I instinctively responded to his " you can only protect.." statement.
    I nearly missed that he's already stated "both sides."

    Nonetheless, I leave here my initial response to his brief summary sentence which begins "You can only protect..."

    ... and its concomitant,
    I can only be free if you are free.
     -- Bobble, Charlotte     
    Too early in the morning, Bobble ?
    My sentence beginning "nonetheless ..." should end with Darrow's quote beginning "You can only be ..."

     -- Bobble, Charlotte     
    Darrow was famous because of the Scopes monkey trial in Tennessee. Check out "Inherit the Wind" with Spencer Tracy.
     -- jim k, austin tx     
     -- Mary - MI      
    But the government reserves all special privileges for itself only.
     -- cal, Lewisville, tx     
    Freedom is cohabitation with out conflict !! This is only obtained through equal space. There is a rule ! We protect Life and Liberty. Sit down at the Table !
     -- Ron w13, Or     
    After the Civil War- correctly, the War between the States- a New Federal Government was installed by the Fourteenth Amendment-it also installed new state governments. The Fourteenth Amendment created a new political system which was fundamentally adverse to the original Constitutional system and the law of nations. This was the main turning point to the Socialist State. The Fourteenth Amendment is one of the so-called Reconstruction Amendments, which are numbered the 13th, 14th and 15th. The Fourteenth Amendment is somewhat a constitution in itself; actually the Fourteenth Amendment and the organic Constitution work concurrently to make a Government de facto. Every amendment of the Constitution which comes after the Fourteenth is representative of the new governmental system installed by insurgency. . . this fact exists as: the Fourteenth Amendment was not lawfully ratified. It was strangely just "instituted" after the so-called Civil war.

    The Civil War is where the contract with the people was broken. The Fourteenth Amendment laid the groundwork for the Socialist System. The constitutional government[s], as set forth by the founding fathers, are not currently in place. . . and have not been since the -called Civil War. You must understand that you have been living a lie.

    Accordingly, all participants in this governmental system, both state and federal, are referred to as "Insurgents" as a matter of law. This de facto (as compared to de jure) System of government is what the insurgents, and others, refer to as a "Democracy." The Fourteenth Amendment was the instituting factor which enabled the implementation of the dictatorial "Socialist State" or "Totalitarian System." Pursuant to what we refer to as a bastard governmental system, Article IV, section 4 of the organic Constitution guarantees each state or country in the Union a government in the form of a Republic--NOT a so-called Democracy.

    Democracy is indispensable to Socialism..

    ~ V. I. Lenin ~

    Socialism leads to Communism..

    ~ Karl Marx ~
     -- Vexari, VA     
    The term "State" means a "Republic" with a government. The term Republic means the "Land" and the "Nation" of that land; hence, the term "State" is generally in reference to a government of any specific American Republic. The founding fathers used this premise to create a government of the people--a Republic. The Union is actually a federation of the several American Republics (states). The "State" for the federation (Union) is the federal government. In the premise of the original constitutional system, the federal state was not to house American peoples at large. The Fourteenth Amendment creates citizens that are beholden to the "United States" over their own republic or country. The term "Democracy" is just a buzz-word used for the current totalitarian (socialist) system of government. The terminology game of the cabalists is yet another piece of the puzzle.

    In due course, this is where the two set of rules are set forth. The Rulers (big fish), who are part of the de facto system, know this and enjoy their natural rights under the protection of the original Constitution. The ruled (little fish) are under the control of the insurgent governmental system (socialists) and do not enjoy their natural rights. Any rights they do have under the so-called (or referred to as) "constitution," are ones they receive as a privilege from the federal government. In other words: The Bill of Rights is being handed out as The Rulers see fit; such rights of which did not apply to the people in the several states to begin with. They were covered by their state constitutions.

    Moreover, the way the Fourteenth Amendment is instituted, even though you believe you own your land, your land (property) can be taken from you at any time without just compensation. Unperceived by all Americans is the chilling fact they are unknowingly involved in Criminal Activity (by design) via said amendment. Once you start to read case law, you will learn to interpret the United States Code and begin to understand international law, you will understand that there are fundamentally two systems of law in operation.
     -- Vexari, VA     
     -- jim k, Austin      
    Absolutely true.  There is always a concerted effort by the ruling classes to gain more power, always centralizing and monopolizing human behavior.  Servitude is still the general rule for most of the world, only the conditions of which vary from state to state.  The bankers own the Earth.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- Mary, MI      
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