"...this monkey mythology of Darwin is the cause of permissiveness, promiscuity, prophylactics, perversions, pregnancies, abortions, pornotherapy, pollution, poisoning and proliferation of crimes of all types."
Time Magazine, March 1981
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Tammy, Miami      
Ignorance such as this has hampered the advancement of scientific knowledge in America. Keep your religious beliefs where they belong - in a house of worship and let everyone else make up their own mind.
 -- Beth, Atlanta     
    LOL! Too funny!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Not true. All these things existed long before Darwin.
     -- David L. Rosenthal     
    Apparently he couldn't think of a "p" word for abortions. Obviously they didn't have "planned parenthood" or the "pill". LOL
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    That an educated person knows not the difference between "mythology" and "leading scientific theory" is an indictment of both our educational system and the sick power of the radical religious right's ability to pervert our very language to their own ends. In a marvelous turn of events, we find David & Joe on the same apparent side here! ;-)
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
    And he was a Judge to boot!
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
    Though there are no scientific absolutes to Darwinism, as a stand alone theory, it does not promote or deny morality. While Darwinism has attained a certain mythological status in the scientific pop culture the Zen may be the closest idealism to Darwinism, it is what it is. Atheism has no anchors or claim to morality while Christianity sets forth certain acts to be good or evil. Both belief systems here really don't address a morality issue as would associate with Darwinism.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    We should rate the responses, not just the quotes--Joe wins today.
     -- EGL, LA     
    Hee, hee! Braswell Dean was a man before his time! Now the entire Govt. agrees with him. So much for the seperation of Church & State, eh?
     -- Senor Reek, Heartland, USA     
    This man is a judge? I hope you are making it up!
     -- don dalgleish, london uk     
    Is this some kind of sick joke?
     -- Andy, Portland, OR     
    Right. That's why abortion is as strong as it is among catholics, and christian priests are notorious for getting into little boys' pants.
     -- John, Milwaukee     
    We can only hope he was sterile.
     -- dmhlt, Hometown, USA     
    i agree with this for all you non christians who think that were created by MONKEYS! I dont think so! give GOd the credit for creating you.
     -- child of God, heaven     
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    Other times, other ideas... Unfortunately, many are still stuck with this limited view because of their beliefs. Lets just hope they are not at the Supreme Court...
     -- Chris, Montreal, Qc, Canada     
    All of us are going to die. Some of us are going to be surprised.
     -- John, Kenosha     
     -- Anonymous      
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