"The great ideals of liberty and equality are preserved against the assaults of opportunism, the expediency of the passing hour, the erosion of small encroachments, the scorn and derision of those who have no patience with general principles."
Justice Benjamin Cardozo
(1870-1938) U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Nature of Judicial Process, 1921
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Reader comments about this quote:
The great ideals of liberty and/or equality have not been preserved against such assaults.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    While the implementations are often not preserved, the ideals certainly are...
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
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     -- Joe, Rochester, MI      
    Though, with a correction ..."should be"...preserved
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA      
    Means nothing without the reasons or arguments to support the assertion.
     -- Dick, Ft. Worth     
    There, editor, can you understand that?
     -- David L. Rosenthal     
    I find it astonishing that the editor repeatedly edits out my comments while repeatedly allowing to remain the baseless, ignorant, and bigotted comments of others. The editor is not obviously a believer in many of the principles expounded in the quotes he posts.
     -- David L Rosenthal     
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    David, you have no idea what is edited other than your own comments. Considering you are the number one poster on this site, I would think you would grant us the leeway to thin out comments that do not refer to the quote at hand or are comments directed to the Editor -- and smart-Alec, back-handed jibes at other posters are not welcome. If you wish to speak with the editor, then please email us. Consider your comments as Letters to the Editor, and we have the option to publish what we wish. Freedom of the press belongs to the one who has it. Remember that.
     -- Editor, Liberty Quotes     
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    I agree with Robert.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Bravo editor
     -- Anonymous     
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    Can the "A" from Reston please enlighten the here audience with your definitions of liberty and ideals.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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