"Intellectual freedom is the right of every individual to both seek
and receive information from all points of view without restriction.
It provides for free access of all expressions of ideas through which
any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored."
Office of Intellectual Freedom, 2002
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Reader comments about this quote:
Tell this to Palin the library cesnor.
 -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    Ah, Waff, Palin has the Libs scared to death, and just what is a library "cesnor", that's a new one on me.
     -- jim k, austin     
    I must disagree. Seeking information is a right. Receiving information is a privilege which can only be legitimately gained through mutually voluntary interaction without the use of coercive force. Nothing worth having is free. Whenever someone affiliated with government says "free" what he really means is paid for by the taxpayers at the point of a gun. Having a right to something does not mean being granted that something by government at someone else's expense.
     -- Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL     
    Jim, she doesn't have us Liberals scared to death it's the other way round. As usual the GOP is now mimicking the Democratic platform wanting change and providing jobs through alternative energy. WHERE HAS THIS RHETORIC BEEN HIDING FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS. It's amazing how dumb the American electorate is - the dumbing of Americans is working as Rove has engineered. With a dumb electorate propaganda is easy to achieve its goals. Palin like McCain are frauds - far-right media even ridiculed the choice of Palin. These are the facts about Ms Palin (a heartbeat from being our Commander in Chief). She may fool the Republican faithful who drink the kool-aid, but in fact she is most right-wing fringe person imaginable. This woman is dangerous - do not not be deceived by her looks and manners. Pay attention to what her positions are: 1. Her husband belonged to the Alaskan Independent Party (which Palin supported) which wants secession from the United States - isn't this considered treason? 2. Believes that Creationism should be taught in Science class along with Evolution. 3. Doesn't believe in Global warming (neither do most of you). 4. Tried to get books banned from the library and then took out revenge on anyone who opposed her. 5. Is viciously anti-environment and has opposed every environmental objective (most of you will also like that). 6. Is a far-right wing HOLY ROLLER Pentecostal. These are one removed from snake handlers and are dangerous proponents of no church/state separation. 7. Believes that woman should not be able to get contraception and should be forced to carry their child even in the cases of rape and incest. 8. Has been (and I believe still is) viciously anti-gay. 9. Was a major supporter of the "Bridge to nowhere" before she was against it. 10. Abused her power as Governor by having a trooper fired for a family fracas. 11. Believes the Iraq invasion by the United State was divinely inspired by God. The list goes on but I know by now Eric is getting upset. PLEASE, PLEASE, NO PALIN. Bryan has a good point and one worth recognizing because receiving information, information that is honest, is the biggest battle of all. We are fed so much crap by the Media (Fox News in particular) as information, and us Morons just accept it as factual. Intellectual Freedom can only thrive in an enlightened state and we are far from being enlightened. Therefore, as I agree with the essence of this quote I disagree with its reality.
     -- RobertSRQ     
    With the US elections coming up, it is understandable that commenters will apply quotes to current events. But to keep the quotes comments more toward the quotes, we will create another area on this web site for discussions. This section is long overdue, and it seems a good time to launch it. We will likely 'grab' a few choice comments from the quotes to continue the threads. Cheers.
     -- Editor, Liberty Quotes     
    Sorry, Eric...
     -- RobertSRQ     
    Logan, please refer to Isaiah Berlin. I offered an answer to the question of liberty vs freedom.
     -- Ken, Milford Pa.     
    Bryan makes an excellent point. Robert spews prejudicial propaganda, most of which is not worth receiving. If the GOP is mimicking the Dems, then their current rhetoric must have been hiding also. And, as concerning intellectual freedom, some would restrict the receiving or making available of competing faith based information such as creationism and/or evolutionism.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    'Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.’
     -- RobertSRQ     
    Virgil, no?
     -- Logan, Memphis, TN     
    I agree with Bryan, but I am willing to consider that the quote is from the American Library Association and in that context, visitors to the library should have the 'right' to access the information stored in the library. Jefferson considered libraries integral in the dissemination of knowledge to the nation -- a far cry different than compelled government 'education.' The most effectual way of learning/teaching is to start with a student's question rather than a teacher's 'lesson.'
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    A student's question is often answered by themselves, you just need to show them the door. Plato would encourage the students to answer their own questions.
     -- RobertSRQ     
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